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Earlier this year, a vulnerability was found various versions of  SharePoint Server and got assigned the ID CVE-2019-0604. The behaviour of the vulnerability is:

A remote code execution vulnerability exists in Microsoft SharePoint when the software fails to check the source markup of an application package. An attacker who successfully exploited the vulnerability could run arbitrary code in the context of the SharePoint application pool and the SharePoint server farm account.


While this patch has been fixed in the latest Public Update, not all administrators patch their SharePoint Servers every month, which caused multiple enterprises to be affected by this vulnerability. On April 23rd , 2019, the Canadian Center for Cyber Security released an alert called China Chopper Malware affecting SharePoint Servers  and here is the assessment from their website:

The Cyber Centre is aware of a campaign that is currently compromising several versions of Microsoft SharePoint Server in order to deploy the China Chopper web shell. Trusted researchers have identified compromised systems belonging to the academic, utility, heavy industry, manufacturing and technology sectors. The following versions of Microsoft SharePoint are known to be affected:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016
  • Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 SP1
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 SP2
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019

It is likely that the current campaign is leveraging CVE-2019-0604 in order to deploy the web shell. Microsoft released security updates addressing this vulnerability in February and March 2019; however, many systems remain outdated.


A similar alert has been raised by the National Cyber Security Center of Saudi Arabia so this is definetly a vulnerability that addresses international customers.

What should you do?

This is why it’s super important to keep your SharePoint Servers, whether 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 on the latest Public Updates in order to keep your environment as safe as possible. In Office 365, Microsoft does it right away, but for On-Premises, it’s our duty as SharePoint Administrators to make sure that we keep the farm secure and keep up with the latest security updates from Microsoft! Therefore, if your farm is not already on the March 2019 Public Update or later, plan an update as soon as possible!

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I am extremely happy to announce that my third Pluralsight course has been released over the weekend. While my Planning and Deploying Office Web Apps 2013 and my PowerShell for Office 365 courses were more geared towards the IT Pro audience, this course on Creating a Workflow in SharePoint Designer is really for everyone from End Users to IT Pros that want to know how to create simple and powerful workflows with SharePoint Designer.

Creating a Workflow in SharePoint Designer

In this course, I will cover the following topics:

  1. Learning the Basics

    In this module, I cover the basics of SharePoint Workflows, and all the terms you need to get started. We learn the types of Workflows, the Start Types as well as what exactly are Actions and Conditions.

  2. Out of the Box Workflows

    SharePoint 2010 and 2013 both include some basic Out of the Box Workflows that can do a good job, without any customizing. Before going in SharePoint Designer, we will learn what SharePoint has to offer Out of the Box!

  3. Creating a Workflow in SharePoint 2010 Mode

    In this Module, we will learn how to create a SharePoint Workflow, the basics of creating workflows in SharePoint Designer, the available actions and conditions as well as go through two Real World scenarios.

  4. Creating a Workflow in SharePoint 2013 Mode

    In this Module, I will go through the differences between 2010 and 2013 mode workflows, and you will learn the new things such as steps, loops and finish the module with a real world scenario.

  5. Visio Integration

    In this Module we cover the integration between SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Visio.

This course applies to SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 as well as SharePoint Online in Office 365. The only module that doesn’t apply to SharePoint 2010 is module 4.

Creating a Workflow in SharePoint Designer

You can find the course at or by clicking the image below! If you don’t have a Pluralsight account, you can open a 10 Day Free Trial or you can also try to get the Free Pluralsight 6 Month Subscription that still appears to work!

Creating a Workflow in SharePoint Designer

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If you are using the Yammer app in SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online, remember that you have 1 month left before the Yammer App stops working!

Yammer app

This isn’t exactly news, as this was announced in March on the Yammer IT Pro Network, however it’s a good reminder that if you are still using the Yammer App, better switch to Yammer Embed as soon as possible! The Web Part for SharePoint 2010 will also be killed on March 15th 2016, but there will be no replacement for it. Here is the timeline from the Yammer Announcement:

  • The Yammer App for SharePoint 2013 on-premises and SharePoint Online will be discontinued on September 15th, 2015. On this date, the App will stop working completely, and will no longer be supported. Customers on SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online must migrate to Yammer Embed, our single solution to embed Yammer feeds going forward, as soon as possible. Please read this step-by-step guide to move to Yammer Embed.
  • The Yammer Web Part for SharePoint 2010 will be discontinued on March 15th, 2016. On this date, the Web Part will stop working completely, and will no longer be supported. Only SharePoint Online, SharePoint Server 2013, or the upcoming SharePoint Server 2016 release will support Yammer Embed from that point on.

This leaves me wondering, what will the integration between Yammer and SharePoint look like in SharePoint 2016? Read my blog post for What you need to know about SharePoint 2016 Preview !

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The Ultimate script to download Ignite sessions that I posted earlier this week was pretty popular, and some fellow community members asked for the same script for the Microsoft Build Conference earlier this year. That is why I created this PowerShell Script so everyone can easily download them whether they were present at Build or not! Here are the features:download Build Session Videos

  • Downloads all the Microsoft Build Conference Sessions and Slides
  • Groups them by folders
  • Makes sure no errors come up due to Illegal File names.
  • If you stop the script and restart in the middle, it will start where it left off and not from beginning

This is what it will look like at the end:

download Build Session Videos

*I will update total size of downloads in the following week!

Here is the script if you want to see the code, however my WordPress plugin breaks some PowerShell, so DO NOT copy it from my blog, instead download it from Technet galleries here

Make sure you send it out to all your twitter friends by clicking the image below!

Download the script from here!  Do not copy paste from below!

Here is the source code:

[Environment]::CurrentDirectory=(Get-Location -PSProvider FileSystem).ProviderPath
$rss = (new-object net.webclient)

# Grab the RSS feed for the MP4 downloads

# SharePoint Conference 2014 Videos
$a = ($rss.downloadstring(""))
$b = ($rss.downloadstring("")) 

#other qualities for the videos only. Choose the one you want!
# $a = ($rss.downloadstring(""))
#$a = ($rss.downloadstring("")) 

#Preferably enter something not too long to not have filename problems! cut and paste them afterwards
$downloadlocation = "C:\Build"

	if (-not (Test-Path $downloadlocation)) {
		Write-Host "Folder $fpath dosen't exist. Creating it..."
		New-Item $downloadlocation -type directory
set-location $downloadlocation

#Download all the slides
try { 

$ | foreach{
	$code = $_.comments.split("/") | select -last 1	   

	# Grab the URL for the PPTX file
	$urlpptx = New-Object System.Uri($_.enclosure.url)
    $filepptx = $code + "-" + $_.creator + " - " + $_.title.Replace(":", "-").Replace("?", "").Replace("/", "-").Replace("<", "").Replace("|", "").Replace('"',"").Replace("*","")
	$filepptx = $filepptx.substring(0, [System.Math]::Min(120, $filepptx.Length))
	$filepptx = $filepptx.trim()
	$filepptx = $filepptx + ".pptx"
	if ($code -ne "")
		 $folder = $code + " - " + $_.title.Replace(":", "-").Replace("?", "").Replace("/", "-").Replace("<", "").Replace("|", "").Replace('"',"").Replace("*","")
		 $folder = $folder.substring(0, [System.Math]::Min(100, $folder.Length))
		 $folder = $folder.trim()
		$folder = "NoCodeSessions"

	if (-not (Test-Path $folder)) {
		Write-Host "Folder $folder dosen't exist. Creating it..."
		New-Item $folder -type directory

	# Make sure the PowerPoint file doesn't already exist
	if (!(test-path "$downloadlocation\$folder\$filepptx"))
		# Echo out the  file that's being downloaded
		$wc = (New-Object System.Net.WebClient)  

		# Download the MP4 file
		$wc.DownloadFile($urlpptx, "$downloadlocation\$filepptx")
		mv $filepptx $folder 


Write-host "Slides are not yet up. Run this script every day to get the latest updates"

#download all the mp4

# Walk through each item in the feed
$ | foreach{
	$code = $_.comments.split("/") | select -last 1	   

	# Grab the URL for the MP4 file
	$url = New-Object System.Uri($_.enclosure.url)  

	# Create the local file name for the MP4 download
	$file = $code + "-" + $_.creator + "-" + $_.title.Replace(":", "-").Replace("?", "").Replace("/", "-").Replace("<", "").Replace("|", "").Replace('"',"").Replace("*","")
	$file = $file.substring(0, [System.Math]::Min(120, $file.Length))
	$file = $file.trim()
	$file = $file + ".mp4"  

	if ($code -ne "")
		 $folder = $code + " - " + $_.title.Replace(":", "-").Replace("?", "").Replace("/", "-").Replace("<", "").Replace("|", "").Replace('"',"").Replace("*","")
		 $folder = $folder.substring(0, [System.Math]::Min(100, $folder.Length))
		 $folder = $folder.trim()
		$folder = "NoCodeSessions"

	if (-not (Test-Path $folder)) {
		Write-Host "Folder $folder) dosen't exist. Creating it..."
		New-Item $folder -type directory

	# Make sure the MP4 file doesn't already exist

	if (!(test-path "$folder\$file"))
		# Echo out the  file that's being downloaded
		$wc = (New-Object System.Net.WebClient)  

		# Download the MP4 file
		$wc.DownloadFile($url, "$downloadlocation\$file")
		mv $file $folder

#text description from session
	$OutFile = New-Item -type file "$($downloadlocation)\$($Folder)\$($Code.trim()).txt" -Force
    $Category = "" ; $Content = ""
    $_.category | foreach {$Category += $_ + ","}
    $Content = $_.title.trim() + &quot;<code>r</code>n&quot; + $_.creator + &quot;<code>r</code>n&quot; + $_.summary.trim() + &quot;<code>r</code>n&quot; + &quot;<code>r</code>n&quot; + $Category.Substring(0,$Category.Length -1)
   add-content $OutFile $Content


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On May 13th, Microsoft released security bulletin MS14-022 to protect your SharePoint 2007, 2010 and 2013 against Remote Code Execution. After chatting with multiple SharePointers on, I found out that the KB in this security bulletin get pushed out by Windows Update as critical.

One thing to be very careful for is that this is not your usual Windows Update, as it requires you to run PSConfig (aka the SharePoint Configuration Wizard) after installing!

After you install this security update on all SharePoint servers, you have to run the PSconfig tool to complete the installation process. For more information about how to use the PSconfig tool, go to the following Microsoft TechNet webpage: ”

So, be very careful that you plan when you install the KB in security bulletin MS14-022 and that you run PSConfig right after!

For more information about security bulletin MS14-022, visit this link:

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Pretty amazingly, Microsoft decided to go the TechEd way and post the SharePoint Conference 2014 sessions for free on channel 9 under one week of the conference being over!

To browse and watch the videos go here:

To download the videos and the slides go here:

Here are all the videos currently posted on channel9!  However, before you check them out,  make sure you share this with your followers on twitter so they can benefit as well!

Tweet: Check out the @SPConf #SharePoint Conference 2014 videos posted online FOR FREE on @ch9  by @vladcatrinescu #spc14

SharePoint Conference 2014 Sessions

Sessions for SharePoint Conference 2014

Cathy Dew and Jason Himmelstein discuss community leadership in a new era.  Learn about Women in SharePoint, local user groups, the Community Leadership Board and what's happening in our vibrant community. 

Hosted by Karuana Gatimu

SPCtv The Importance of Information Architecture in Content Discovery

International expert Agnes Molnar discusses the importance of information architecture in building quality experiences in SharePoint.  Her tips will help you no matter whether you are just getting started or have an advanced information architecture you need to evolve to accommodate new business needs.

Hosted by Karuana Gatimu

SPCtv Getting Social in Local and State Government with Share Squared. 

John Honeycutt, Director of Sales and David Kruglov, CEO of Share Squared  share their work using social and collaboration technology to help their customer share innovation and ideas. 

Hosted by Karuana Gatimu

SPCtv IT Pro Insights into the Future of InfoPath with Jennifer Mason.  Check out her articles on this topic at

Give the product group your feedback at

This segment was hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

SPC14 Conference Highlights Day 2

SPC14 Conference Highlights Day 1

A peek into the 2014 SharePoint Conference and the vibrant community that makes it all possible.

"The shift in our business, is the shift of the world. We are going faster and faster, moving to mobile." SharePoint customers tell us about their journey to the cloud and how, with SharePoint Online and Office 365, they are better prepared for the future and have the tools to able to be mobile, agile, and connected.

"Students are building critical thinking skills, learning, and collaboration that allows them to work on professional-scale projects outside of the typical classroom curriculum. Without SharePoint we couldn't do what we do. It is absolutely the canvas that my students use to build their solutions" –Lou Zulli, IT Instructor & Network Administrator, The Center for Advanced Technologies

People are more connected than ever before. The world has become a giant network, with people sharing, learning, and making decisions on the go at every second. What if you, and every person in your company could work together, like a network.

Technology is evolving at a rapid pace. It has broken down barriers, connected the dots, and closed the gaps. It has brought the enormity of the world, to the palm of our hands. Technology is changing the way we work together. It is opening up new ways to connect in our personal and professional lives. We look to technology to help us find the information, the ideas, and the people, who really matter to each of us.  So we can reach further, move beyond, and achieve more. Together.

In 2003, the SharePoint Conference was born. This is an animated look at the incredible growth of the SharePoint global community and conference over the past decade.

SharePoint and PowerBI are tools to land consistent, measurable value in your business but they can appear challenging.  Join Sanjay Sonic, Dany Hoter, Yigal Eddy from the product groups and Noam Topaz from Microsoft IT discuss the roadmap for PowerBI and how Microsoft is implementing it's own journey. 

Learn more at

Session hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT


Let's get real. You've heard about SharePoint Online and you're intrigued. But you want to know if you can really trust these guys with the lifeblood of your business. Do they really know what they're doing? Can they keep your corporate data secure and deliver reliable service? And what cool things have they learned and built over the past year that can help me run my own SharePoint service?_x000D_ _x000D_ If you're curious about the answers to these questions, this is the session for you. Join Ben Canning, ‘head of plumbing’ for SharePoint Online, as he takes you on a behind the scenes and completely transparent tour of the SharePoint Online Infrastructure. What we've learned in the past year and what we've built to run the largest SharePoint installation in the world. And we'll have a few feature announcements thrown in as well. See you there!

Are you frustrated by the need to copy and paste data from multiple sources for analysis? Do you wish you could build a stunning and interactive visualization of your insights for that next important presentation in minutes? Microsoft and SAP _x000D_ have listened to the demands of our mutual customers and have an innovative solution to share with you! Join executives from Microsoft and SAP as they discuss and demonstrate the new way to seamlessly access and analyze data across the enterprise driving a single version of truth, instant productivity, and optimized business performance. Microsoft and SAP: Innovating for Your Success.

Determining when to use SharePoint, build customizations that extend SharePoint, buy third party products, or to ignore SharePoint all together can be very challenging. It requires an understanding of SharePoint's strengths, weaknesses, and gaps as well as an understanding of how they apply to the business problems you are trying to solve. In this session, Richard Harbridge explores decisions other organizations have made, criteria they used to evaluate their options, lessons they learned, and how they approached these difficult decisions.
Panelists share their experience with:_x000D_ Business Critical SharePoint – future-proofing SharePoint investments as they evolve SharePoint topologies through incremental migrations and maintain hybrid SharePoint environments, including multiple farms and Office 365._x000D_ Yammer - SharePoint and Yammer are changing how organizations work together. Learn how everyone can connect with the right people at the right time, create innovative ways to collaborate, and deliver remarkable new self-service applications through secure social connections._x000D_ Continuous Process Improvement - utilizing SharePoint in a sustainable way to stop accumulating technical debt. The strategic goal isn’t just to get an application running - what happens next is critically important.
The success of your next SharePoint 13 deployment—whether on-premises or O365—hinges on users actually using it! This session highlights the importance of having an overall UX strategy and details how leading organizations are building attractive, lightweight, mobile-accessible solutions on top of SharePoint 13 using agile “User Experience” (UX) methodologies. Having an amazing UX is a critical piece to this puzzle, but without a solid strategy, your “cool” design will be no more than that. When you build it right the first time, your users will find it easy, adopt it quickly and support the initiative’s success.
This session introduces IT professionals to the core foundations of Office 365, the economies of scale and richness of feature and scenario capabilities. Get an inside look at how the Office 365 team innovates and iterates on the service, how core operational processes are managed and team responsibilities that go towards delivering an enterprise class service. Finally, see the management tools and reporting capabilities that IT professionals can use to manage and control their Office 365 environment to best leverage their company's investment.
From sketch to launch, this session will delve under the covers revealing the plans Microsoft followed to deliver a great looking, mobile friendly, engaging site for SharePoint Conference 2014._x000D_ We'll focus on design choices and best practices, development efforts, Azure deployment - for flexibility - plus showcase how Webtrends integration helped optimize the site and drive more engagement and awareness.
SharePoint 2013 and Office 365 offer “big wins” for business value and service delivery. But which features and capabilities are the most compelling reasons to move? How and when should you upgrade or migrate? In this session, we'll cover lessons learned from customer engagements around the world. And based on this, we'll provide guidance to help build your strategy, plan your company's roadmap, and assert a tactical approach to integrating these new versions into your SharePoint service. You’ll learn what’s changed when it comes to upgrading—most importantly, the impact of 2010 mode and deferred site upgrades. We’ll explore the factors that drive your upgrade and migration planning. And you’ll learn about the real financial and technical benefits that come from mixing cloud and on-premises SharePoint services for your enterprise._x000D_
Want to know how to best take advantage of Visual Studio 2013 and the built in tooling to more consistently develop apps for SharePoint? In this demo heavy session we will explore the SharePoint development tools that come as part of Visual Studio 2013. You will see the first class support for common app features including the app manifest, lists, client web parts, remote event receivers, and more. Come learn how to develop apps using an Office 365 Developer Site and witness remote debugging of an event receiver - all without SharePoint installed on your developer machine!
SharePoint offers many choices to optimize database storage and performance using Remote BLOB Storage (RBS). However, the introduction of “Shredded Storage” adds an extra dimension of performance tuning and complexity. We’ve run through hundreds of test loads using a broad range of parameters to configure RBS and Shredded Storage in a wide variety of usage patterns and file sizes. There are HUGE performance gains to be realized by using non-default settings! So join us for a review of content database best practices and BLOB optimization in SQL with SharePoint.
This session will talk about how the Microsoft Legal team deployed and configured eDiscovery internally. We will share the architecture, tips and tricks as well as best practices based on our experience._x000D_
SharePoint 2013 is fully embracing the world of client-side technologies, both on-premises and in the cloud. Regardless of which programming language you use (C#, VB.NET or JavaScript) a fundamental decision you must make is which API you will use to reach back into SharePoint - REST or CSOM? This session will briefly introduce each API, and then quickly move into a demo-heavy comparison of both approaches, citing the pros and cons of each. By the end of the session, you will have a solid understanding of when and why you would use one API over the other (regardless of programming language) as well as plenty of examples of each in action.
Stanley Black & Decker (SBD) is known for hardworking, innovative, powerful tools, and we expect the same from our IT investments. We have been using SharePoint 2013 on-premises for over a year. We are in the process of rolling out OneDrive for Business for all our users in Office 365. This session will showcase the early decisions we made that led us great benefits of the Cloud and establishing a hybrid deployment model. We, too, are beginning to plan for Yammer Enterprise and will share early thinking, integration expectations and planning. You’ll get a chance to hear about our thinking and design process, see demos of our environment, and have a chance to ask peer-to-peer questions across the board.
Business Intelligence requirements in SharePoint often require use of the Secure Store for security but ultimately may require Kerberos to handle "double-hops." The configuration is often misunderstood and not completed correctly. This session will include an explanation of required elements for Kerberos in SharePoint and SQL. It will also demonstrate a complete configuration of a multi-tiered server farm running Kerberos._x000D_
After years of helping organizations around the world to deploy and implement SharePoint, we have found there are certain pain points that almost everyone encounters. Some are confusing concepts. Some are unfortunate decisions made based on misunderstanding Microsoft’s UI and/or documentation. Some are due to unnecessarily complex terminology. And some because there are things we might think that SharePoint should do, but can’t. In this session, we will share the most common and problematic scenarios, and their solutions, with the goal of saving you pain, time, and money. Think of this session as “Lessons Learned,” “Best Practices,” or “From the Field” on steroids. Whether you’re new to SharePoint or a seasoned veteran, in this grab-bag session with treasures a-plenty!_x000D_
Windows Azure Active Directory is a service that helps manage identities and access to your software solutions. Whenever you own a valid Microsoft Office 365 tenant and a corresponding Windows Azure Active Directory service instance, you can create powerful applications federated with your organizational accounts and your Office 365 tenant, too. In this session, you learn about the architecture of Windows Azure AD. Moreover, you see how to configure Office 365 to leverage the Windows Azure AD service, and how to create either web applications/web APIs or native client applications leveraging this new service. To attend this session you should have a good understanding of authentication and authorization techniques in general, as well as a basic understanding of SharePoint Online in Office 365.
Join Microsoft General Manager, Julia White, for an insightful examination of trends that impact business, productivity, and technology. Drawing from analyst and Microsoft’s own research, Julia lays out the challenges and opportunities that face executives, decision makers, and platform owners. Look at the tipping point facing enterprises in 2014, and the critical decisions that leadership must make, and chart the journey ahead. This executive keynote-style session will be the perfect kickoff for the Executive Track of the SharePoint Conference, and the Executive Track team will highlight the valuable sessions, discussions, and networking activities that will help you maximize your time at SPC14.
Visual Studio 2013 introduces the Model-View Controller (MVC) pattern as an option for developing cloud-hosted apps. In this session, we'll present the process for developing cloud-hosted apps using MVC5. The session will first present the MVC pattern and explain its benefits. Next, we'll build a complete app using MVC5 and Entity Framework 6. Throughout the process, we'll focus on security, app identity, and interacting SharePoint 2013 workloads. Attendees will exit the session ready to get started creating cloud-based apps with MVC5.
This session is a deep-dive into the advanced design patterns and practices for developing real-world multi-tenant cloud-hosted apps for SharePoint and Office. Attendees will follow a Help Desk application from inception and development to publishing in the marketplace and deployment throughout an organization. Learn about tenancy, trials, and other unique considerations for provider-hosted apps in this interactive session.

General Motors is passionate about designing, building and selling the world's best vehicles. With 130,000 information workers, managing documents and records for all areas of the business requires a holistic approach to governance and solution design. Come and hear how General Motors designed their records management solution to work at scale. They will cover how they balance open collaboration with compliance, making it easy for an end user to manage content and must-have scenarios (declaration, retention and holds, disposal), showing the final solution designed to meet today and tomorrow's needs. Lots to see, lots to learn and time to ask those burning peer-to-peer questions.

Certificates play an increasingly important role in SharePoint 2013. As well as protecting data, they are one of the fundamental building blocks of service interaction between service applications and across products such as Lync and Exchange. With the introduction of Office Web Apps 2013 and Workflow Manager as well as the Cloud App Model, certificates are now effectively a pre-requisite for a complete SharePoint deployment._x000D_ This session will de-mystify which types of certificate are needed, where they are used and how best customers can manage the certificate lifecycle for SharePoint 2013, Office Web Apps and Workflow Manager. Also covered will be client browser considerations and approaches to automating configuration with Windows PowerShell, along with certificate requirements for Office 365.
Building enterprise class applications with JavaScript can be a challenge. TypeScript allows developers to apply software engineering patterns that then compile into performant JavaScript. Learn how you can leverage this powerful technology to embrace the Cloud App Model in SharePoint 2013 and easily build enterprise applications in HTML 5 and JavaScript that are cross device capable and performant.

Many "clouds" support SharePoint 2013. And these many "clouds" can be combined adding unique value based on your unique requirements. This session is designed to help ITI's and ITDM's find the right cloud formula to deploy based on practical business and technical considerations. You'll understand how to differentiate between private and public clouds, IaaS and SaaS, as well as hybrid scenarios with absolute clarity of the business benefits and the IT best practices.

SharePoint Apps are very powerful and flexible. This great flexibility brings higher complexity. Dealing with this complexity for each App costs both - time and money; this is actually where ShareCoffee comes into play. The small but powerful open-source library speeds up your App-Development by providing an unified API across all available REST operations for SharePoint. No matter if you're running Auto-, Provider- or SharePoint-Hosted, no matter if you're using AngularJS, jQuery or Reqwest. ShareCoffee gives you one unified API to call them all. Creating a preconfigured CSOM ClientContext for Cross-Domain calls? No problem. Loading SharePoint App Chrome in five lines of code? Join this talk and learn how to use these and other features of ShareCoffee by yourself.
Office and SharePoint 2013 introduce a new app model that brings the best of web development to Office and SharePoint. This session will show you how to get started and quickly create apps on this new model with the browser based tooling codename “Napa”, and how you can turn those apps into more advanced, rich scenarios with Visual Studio 2013._x000D_

SharePoint's storage architecture has evolved significantly over the past 12 years...learn where it's come from and have a better understand of its direction. In this session we'll overview the history of SharePoint storage and dive deep into Shredded Storage, what it is, what to consider, and how to plan to scale for tomorrow.

The Yammer Power User is the foundation of enterprise social networking, assisting their organization by strengthening engagement. This 'how to' session showcases advanced skills for creating groups and notes, managing information through the use of topics, bookmarks, notifications, and using Yammer apps. After 75 minutes, you will lead effective information sharing by nurturing a culture of powerful use of social in your enterprise.
Search enables you to discover and index content from many types of repositories using the out-of-the-box connectors (e.g. SharePoint, File Shares, Exchange Public Folders, Documentum), or the Search Connector Framework (e.g. database, OData, custom LOB repositories). In this session you will learn more about content ingestion and extensibility side of SharePoint 2013 Search. We will go into depth on the search content processing framework as-well as dive deep into the web services callout stage and demo how to do search content enrichment. We'll also cover techniques on how to build solutions that will scale to meet your customers production requirements.
Rolling out an internal social network looks like a deceptively simple exercise. In reality it’s a major change management initiative. In this session I will go through my journey as an employee “Yammer champion” and share my mistakes and successes as a non-manager who wanted to make Yammer work for a UK based nonprofit. I will also use examples from other organizations taken from my book Internal Social Networks The Smart Way. In the process map out a potential path that you, too, can follow when looking to make enterprise social the default communication and collaboration method in your organization.
HTML5 and CSS3 are now a standard part of the Office and SharePoint developer's skillset. While much of the buzz around HTML5 and CSS3 focuses on creating a responsive and satisfying end-user experience, a whole new set of JavaScript APIs was also introduced. These APIs provide powerful capabilities that either didn't exist before, or were only available in 3rd-party libraries. In this session, we'll focus on these new APIs and use them to solve real-world problems such as maintaining context in a SharePoint-hosted app, caching app data, and communicating between app parts. Attendees will exit the session with a host of new ideas for using the HTML5 APIs to solve real-world problems.
Projects and sales deals can be difficult to coordinate and execute across a large organization, even when all team members are in the same place and more challenging when they are not. In this session, learn best practices for creating groups and sharing content, and hear firsthand examples from your peers on how they are leveraging Yammer's social platform technology to identify and land deals, service customers and improve team collaboration around the globe.
Windows Azure provides a compelling solution for deploying infrastructure for directory synchronization and identity federation with Office 365, while avoiding the cost of an on-premises implementation plus required operations. This session will present an end-to-end scenario leveraging Windows Azure and Windows Azure Active Directory, along with the Active Directory Sync tool and Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) to provide the richest identity experience with Office 365. We'll also share and show tips and tricks to help automate deployment and accelerate your Office 365 Identity integration.
Your Enterprise Social Journey takes the willingness, cooperation, and support from many places. Whether that be Microsoft, Yammer, Partners, or people within your organization, changing the way your company works requires a host of support. Hear from a team comprised of a Yammer Customer Success Manager and Microsoft partner how they collaborated to launch a Yammer network for a global customer's employee base.
Have you heard all your SharePoint Admin friends talk about how great SharePoint 2013 is, yet your farm is still running at SharePoint 2010, or even worse, SharePoint 2007? Then this session is for you. In this session Todd and Shane will go over the upgrade strategies to SharePoint 2013. Then they’ll dig into some fun stories about how they’ve done battle upgrading SharePoint so that you won’t have to. There will be lots of tips, and lots of fun, and in the end you’ll be ready for anything the upgrade to SharePoint 2013 can throw at you._x000D_
This is the super session for the new Power BI for Office 365. We will be demoing the new Power BI features in Excel and Office 365, and provide the new vision we are moving with Self-Service BI. Lots of demo._x000D_
This session will be a deep dive of OAuth and S2S, specifically on configuring S2S trusts in on-premises environments and OAuth in Office 365._x000D_
Does your organization demand the toughest standards in security, scalability and service excellence in the cloud? Do you have data sovereignty and regional regulatory needs that govern your business? Do you dream of cost efficiency and service excellence? _x000D_ _x000D_ If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you must Join this session to learn why SharePoint Online is the #1 collaboration platform for enterprises. We will unveil brand new capabilities to further set new cloud standards in security, scale, transparency, control, cost efficiency and service excellence. _x000D_ _x000D_ Be ready to be pleased. Prepare to take a lot into your next planning meeting. And bring your toughest questions. You will see a SharePoint Online built to meet the most demanding requirements of enterprises throughout the world!
This session will be a deep dive journey into using the Model View View Model (MVVM) pattern for UI development platforms supporting event-driven programming and 3rd party AngularJS library to create a SharePoint 2013 Hosted App._x000D_ _x000D_ Jeremy Thake will walk you through the journey he took to build a SharePoint App for the Office store which required a real world separation of view layer to allow a GUI Web developer to control the look and feel whilst he coded up the Model and Business Logic._x000D_ _x000D_ The session will include how Bootstrap UI was used to speed up the GUI framework, out of the box People Pickers in an inline editing form and much more! If you’ve been following Jeremy Thake’s blog on this topic, this session will bring it all together and much more!_x000D_ _x000D_ OBJECTIVES_x000D_ _x000D_ 1. Learn how to get started with the AngularJS framework in SharePoint Hosted Apps_x000D_ _x000D_ 2. Learn how to leverage the SharePoint JSOM and REST APIs with AngularJS_x000D_ _x000D_ 3. Learn how to decouple SharePoint to enable web developers to focus on the View or business logic layers_x000D_ _x000D_ 4. 5 tips from real world experience in building a SharePoint App for the Office Store using AngularJS
Does your company need to have a warm disaster recovery (DR) environment for SharePoint? Do you hate the idea of spinning up additional infrastructure just to have it sit unused for those “just in case” scenarios? Do you want to cut down the time it takes to design and deploy DR environments? We’ll take a look at how the agility and flexibility of Windows Azure in combination with Microsoft Services Cloud Packs and product line architecture (PLA) guidance can have your DR environment up and running in hours. See the architecture in action, learn how you can adopt the solution in your environments, and see how the benefits of Windows Azure can speed up your DR deployments and lower cost. Also learn how to accelerate your DR deployments using cloud pack automation, and how to implement the DR cloud pack solution in your environment._x000D_
Client Side Object Model APIs are powerful tools for creating dynamic SharePoint 2013 apps. In this session we’ll take a close look at CSOM/JSOM and what’s new in 2013. Leave with a deeper foundation in the client object models and how to use them efficiently in your solutions.

Come join us for a sneak peek at Office Video, a new out of the box enterprise video streaming service for Office 365. Office Video is built on top of SharePoint Online and Windows Azure Media Services leveraging the power of the cloud to bring word class video streaming to your organization. Office Video is a next-gen portal that is simple, fast, and mobile. Come and see how your organization can benefit from Office Video.

Discover the changes and new capabilities in the foundational service for user discovery deployments of SharePoint Server 2013 and get the real deal on configuring User Profile Synchronization in this demo and best practices heavy session. This session will cover the architecture of the User Profile Service Application, the new AD Direct Mode and provide a walkthrough of the configuration requirements and setup.  We, too, will focus on coinciding architectural considerations for high availability, scalability and geographic deployments. Also covered will be general UPA related best practices in terms of synchronization, policy and privacy and leveraging social features inside the enterprise.
In this session, Reagan Williams, Manager of Platform Services at Yammer discusses how the Yammer platform can enable a cross-device social collaboration experience. Then, Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO presents a real-world example of how the Yammer platform was used to create, a single-screen, cross-device user experience that integrates Yammer, SharePoint, Office 365, Lync, OpenDrive, email, and the telephone on the desktop, mobile devices, and OWA._x000D_ _x000D_ Attendees to the session will:_x000D_ _x000D_ • Learn how the Yammer platform APIs can be used to create a cross-device collaboration experience _x000D_ • See how the Yammer APIs were used to help create’s single-screen collaboration experience_x000D_ • See how creates a single-screen, single-context experience using Microsoft collaboration tools, on the desktop, mobile devices, and OWA_x000D_
Use your body and voice to search SharePoint and Yammer. Learn how you can utilize SharePoint 2013 Search to index your Enterprise Yammer content on-premises in addition to your regular SharePoint content, then use futuristic UI design and Natural User Interface (NUI) features of the latest Kinect SDK and Kinect Sensors for Windows to build rich NUI and voice controlled search applications. It's possible. It's cool and a little crazy - much to be learned. And not a keystroke will be wasted._x000D_
The answer is both!  We are excited to present a new solution which lets SharePoint users work on documents and connect them seamlessly with an underlying SAP processes _x000D_ (think sales quotes, maintenance manuals, contracts, customer support documents etc.)  The solution works both ways, connecting SharePoint content into an SAP business workspace, and presenting SAP data in the SharePoint UI.   Cool, eh?  And by the way, the solution also offers governance, archiving and records management capabilities for SharePoint to ensure compliance with long term information retention and destruction goals.  Fully leverage your SAP and SharePoint investments by combining the power of both!
REST and OData are the foundation of data access in a cloud-based world. Office and SharePoint developers are well aware of the new RESTful endpoints available in SharePoint 2013 and may have already consumed some publically-available RESTful endpoints from the Internet. Many apps, however, will require their own RESTful service for accessing custom app data. In this session, we'll cover the fundamentals of creating custom RESTful services with WebAPI 2 and consuming those services in Office and SharePoint apps. Additionally, the session will present approaches for securing your custom services and accessing them across domains. Attendees will exit the session ready to build custom RESTful services for their Office and SharePoint apps.

Over the last few years, the world has become a giant network, and social media has rewired the way we connect with people and information. To stay competitive, companies need to start to “work like a network.” In this session, Jared Spataro will share Microsoft’s vision for Enterprise Social and the future of work and explain the business and product strategies behind the approach. Jared has designed the session to be about half presentation and half Q&A, so come prepared with your questions!

This session will cover site provisioning from SharePoint Online and on-premises using provider-hosted apps that can be hosted on Windows Azure. Besides the creation of the site collections we'll also focus on how you can customize your sites, including personal sites, using CSOM techniques. This approach offers an alternative for the "classic" site/web templates. Get ready to go deep - we'll show lots of code and demos._x000D_
Are you tired of click-click-clicking through the user interface every time a user needs a new site? Are you concerned that administrators and users are not complying to your governance policies when they deploy new sites, lists, and libraries? Are you unsure whether security permissions are consistently and correctly applied? Do you want to empower the business with self-service capabilities, but you feel uneasy about them staying in policy compliance? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this session is for you. In this advanced governance and management session, we will unveil a framework for automating SharePoint administrative tasks to enforce your service and information management policies. You will take away a set of tools that you can apply and extend to create a secure, proxied model for SharePoint administration. The session assumes you have some understanding of Windows PowerShell, which is used to power the scripts we will show. But even if you aren’t a PowerShell expert, you will be able to take the tools we give you and put them to work in your enterprise, including sample solutions for automating the creation of sites and for managing group membership across SharePoint sites and Active Directory. Automate consistency into your processes for improved, repeatable governance._x000D_
Search isn't just about the text box and 10 blue links anymore. There are a myriad of integration options for consuming the advanced search capabilities in SharePoint 2013. Learn the benefits and tradeoffs of the various SharePoint Search API's and how search can be integrated into your solutions in more interesting and less conventional ways allowing you to build dynamic applications that harness the full power of search in SharePoint 2013._x000D_ This session will provide an introduction to the JavaScript, .NET and REST search API's in SharePoint and demonstrate how and when to use the different API's when building advanced applications on SharePoint. This session will demonstrate how to use query language to build advanced queries, use the various API's to sort and filter (using refiners) and provide tips, tricks and recommended practices for using these search API's. While the demo application itself will be built using the SharePoint App model, the techniques and development models showcased are applicable to any application consuming search services from SharePoint.
Create a great user experience by customizing the way Search looks in your search center and portals. Using Client-Side Rendering technology with display templates, you'll see how you can transform the way users view search results. This demo packed session will walk you through everything you need to know to get started customizing your search results screen. We'll dive deep into the HTML and JavaScript to get the look and feel you want for each component in the search center. You'll also learn how to tailor the look of your content roll-up using the Content Search web part. Then we'll cover debugging techniques to aid you in troubleshooting issues in your templates. You'll learn how to customize the look of everything from search results and refiners to hover panels. This is a great session to attend if you are looking to provide more value to your business users by increasing search productivity.
Starting from Microsoft SharePoint 2013, the default authentication model for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is Claims-based; the whole infrastructure fully leverages claims and open protocols like WS-Federation and OAuth. In this session, you learn how authentication and authorization work in SharePoint 2013, either when handling direct user requests, or running requests for SharePoint apps. In particular, learn how to federate an external Identity Provider like Windows Azure ACS to authenticate users and then authorize them in SharePoint, leveraging the claims infrastructure.
Is your organization challenged with exploding growth of paper and electronic documents? Is your organization leveraging this content as a corporate asset while driving cost reductions and operational efficiencies?_x000D_ Learn how your organization can extend the power of SharePoint for scanning, searching, viewing and processing paper and electronic documents for many diverse business workloads. _x000D_ This stimulating session will demonstrate our full suite of solutions including new offerings for Cloud, mobile and line-of-business integration and also showcase how companies are implementing these tools to increase SharePoint user adoption and generating incredible results from their SharePoint initiatives.
The new app model makes JavaScript an important, required skill for Office and SharePoint developers, but that's only the beginning. Along with learning the proper JavaScript patterns for app development, Office and SharePoint developers must also know the vast landscape of third-party JavaScript libraries like AngularJS, Knockout, Twitter Bootstrap, LESS, and Breeze, which provide powerful capabilities along with MVC and MVVM pattern support. In this session, we'll examine the capabilities of these key 3rd party JavaScript libraries, which are essential for building robust, modern SharePoint apps. Session attendees will leave ready to write solid, maintainable JavaScript code that leverages the power of these libraries.
This session will focus on the Heineken KM program looking at planning, building and managing a SharePoint 2010-based Knowledge management solution (strategically planning for SharePoint 2013). The final solution helps Heineken act globally, work collaboratively across geographical and functional boundaries, and inspire and develop their biggest knowledge asset – their people. Heineken will showcase how they facilitate 24/7 global sharing of content and expertise, supporting a culture of continuous improvement and world class performance. You’ll see it in action with a great demo and have a 1:1 chance to ask your burning KM questions.
Are you wondering what developer sessions to attend this week? Start here. We'll power through every new SharePoint development feature with bite-sized demos and point you to subsequent sessions for a deeper dive. There will be plenty to cover, including several not-yet-announced capabilities you won't want to miss.
Implementing enterprise social in your workplace, or considering it to help drive business value? This session offers a strategic, candid overview of Cargill’s experience since launching Yammer Enterprise in August 2012. The presentation will cover key elements fueling network growth, engagement, and success in the context of a global company. We’ll share the real-world challenges and lessons learned during implementation, including SharePoint + Yammer integration. At the core, we’ll focus on culture change, governance and realistic measurements of adoption. This session will deliver straight talk and Q&A with a passionate, practical champion of the new world of collaboration.
Information workers and developers alike want more data and more value from their existing Office investments. In this session we will focus on how the OData protocol connects a variety of servers and clients. We will build client applications that enable you to access and modify data in SharePoint and Power BI. We will build server applications that can be consumed by Power Query and Excel. Attendees will depart with a better understanding of how the OData protocol makes all of this possible, as well as a solid understanding of the current OData servers and clients.
In this session, we will walk through creating Internet-facing SharePoint sites with Office 365. We will focus on how businesses can easily create an Internet presence using Public-Sites with SharePoint Online. We'll start with approaches to branding that require absolutely zero code to create great looking sites. From there we’ll explore the Design Manager and how you can use it to bring your company’s branding to SharePoint. And we’ll take a look at how the Public Website can be enhanced by using apps from the SharePoint Store. This session will focus on creating branded Internet-facing sites using Public Websites in SharePoint Online but most of the techniques will apply no matter where your SharePoint implementation lives! Whether you’re already taking advantage of Public Websites with Office 365, thinking about using them for your site, or just want to learn a little more about SharePoint branding while looking a waffle-themed demos there’s going to be something for everyone! #waffles
Managing cost-effective SharePoint customization projects and resources can be very difficult to do effectively.  In this unique session, we will investigate the dichotomy of traditional SharePoint development cost and risk and compare it the amazing new advantages presented in SharePoint 2013 app model and the cloud.
In SharePoint 2013, many no-code tools and technologies can be used to make elaborate applications and solutions. In this session, you will see the true power of tools such as Access 2013 Apps, Excel 2013 PowerView, SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows, InfoPath 2013 and more! You will get a deeper understanding of how these tools are used in SharePoint 2013 to create robust end-to-end SharePoint applications. Plus, we'll also do a walkthrough of the no-code solution handbook and SharePoint adoption training kits.
Office 365 can work with your existing user directory and this session will review all the different ways that identity management can be configured. Identity management may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We will start with an overview of the identity management architecture used in Office 365 and you will gain insight to the simple options you have for integrating with existing directories or creating new ones. We will talk about cloud identity, synchronized identity and federated identity models and also review recently added identity scenarios and future identity management work coming later in 2014.
Come learn about how well Office 365 integrates with Dynamics CRM Online. This includes Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer, Lync, and Skype!
Workflow is evolving with the SharePoint Online service. Come to learn about new workflow features and scenarios available soon in SharePoint Online. Deliver new workflow templates to users and to customers for pre-built, integrated workflow solutions—from the Office Store or on-premises corporate catalog. Filter unique processes to their associated content types with new workflow activation rules. Remotely debug your SharePoint Online workflows. Anyone who builds or who uses workflows will leave with great ideas for improving their solutions.
Let's get down to the nitty gritty. No one likes to plan for or hopes they ever need what comes out of strategy and preparedness meetings. But when they are needed and not there, it will usually be you who is working on the weekend. In this session we will walk through the top 5 issues we see at Microsoft Premier Services that can result in catastrophic consequences due to simple lack of planning. We will discuss tangible, walk-way preventative measures you can use to address them.

Are your SharePoint Online pages slow? Do you understand what knobs you have to tune the performance of your own pages? Do you know how diagnose perf on your pages? Do you ever wonder what kind of load SharePoint online can handle? Come for an in-depth presentation on SharePoint page perf. We’ll take a look behind the curtain to understand what happens when pages get rendered, what factors contribute to bad perf and how we tune servers in SharePoint Online to handle everything that you can throw at us.

Predictive Analytics is the hottest subject in BI. It uncovers hidden, yet valuable patterns in your data. For example, with a few clicks in Excel, and with the power of SQL Server behind it, you can discover which demographic characteristics drive your customers' profitability. Or, using a different model, you can judge the creditworthiness of a business transaction. Or, you can predict which sale is likely to fall-through, or even predict fraud, or churn. Or, with a powerful dependency network visualisation, you can find out which of your products are truly pivotal to your business, best of all, looking at them from your shoppers' perspectives. This session will start with an overview of the amazingly powerful Microsoft data mining client that is available, free of charge, in Excel. Afterwards, we will take a tour-de-force of the most important analytical techniques included by Microsoft, looking at Decision Trees, Association Rules, Clustering (for outlier detection), Sequence Clustering, and Neural Networks. No prior knowledge or experience is required, as everything will be explained. If you have always wanted to know what advanced analytics with data mining is about, attend this demo-driven session, and let Rafal share his extensive experience, and his infectious enthusiasm, for this lesser-known but hugely useful technology, for which Microsoft has even bigger plans in the near future.

This session will provide details on guidance from the TechNet content team discussing SharePoint solution architectures using Windows Azure Infrastructure Services. This session focuses on technical architectures for Windows Azure-based solutions with focus on two architectures-SharePoint disaster recovery with failover to Windows Azure and Internet-facing sites. Come to this session to learn how to design the SharePoint farm for each solution, including managing identity across the environments.
All your work files are accessible from anywhere. Come to this session and learn about OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) and everything it has to offer for your organizations, from simple sharing and team collaboration to industrial strength management and control that you have come to expect from Microsoft.
Mining social data has become a popular way for organizations to listen and react to employees in near real-time - real social insights. Come see how this can be applied inside your organization to strengthen employee connections, monitor employee sentiment, and accelerate social platform adoption. Attendees will see mining techniques and Yammer apps for monitoring the social enterprise and leave with a better understanding of the big data and transaction velocity challenges of mining Yammer. We'll leverage new Power BI tools, dive into the administrative side of Yammer - including analytics. Bring your ax, there's gold in them thar hills._x000D_
Habits are hard to break but the benefits outweigh the costs. Come hear how to break down barriers and overcome obstacles around implementing social within your organization. We'll share how you can be a hero in your organization by weaving the Yammer social into your company's every day.
Join us as we build a modern, responsive, touch-friendly company portal piece-by-piece on stage in SharePoint Online - in 75 minutes - with your help! Armed with a t-shirt gun, real-time audience polling and in-depth know-how, the team will show how you can build a user-engaging site, one that incorporates social, video and responsive touch design. You will learn how to modernize and reimagine your portals and sites. Get your hands ready to catch flying t-shirts. Get your brains ready to take it all in. It'll come at you fast, furious and super informative.
The Cloud conversation is spilling out of the corporate offices and making its way into your organization’s everyday conversations. You’ve heard the benefits. You’ve heard the warnings. So what is leading your team one way or the other? With headlines like Snowden, the NSA, Target’s data breach, etc. where can your business find its comfort zone in the cloud? Join CEO, Rob LaMear as he shares both sides of the argument and helps you find your organization’s tipping point.
​Many sessions cover portions of WCM in SharePoint 2013 however no session shows you how to wire-up all of the components within SharePoint to create a WCM solution. Wait no more because this is a demo heavy session that does just that! We’ll cover many WCM related topics such as: 1. Setting up Search for WCM with Crawled and Mapped Properties 2. Setting up Authoring and Publishing Sites with Content Creation and Publication 3. Implementing Content Search Web Parts 4. Implementing Search driven navigation 5. Tying Social into WCM for Anonymous and Logged in Users By the end of this session you’ll be able to setup your own WCM environments from scratch. Almost as good as fresh baked cookies.
Want to edit Office docs on an iPad? Take files offline on your Android device or iPhone? And what about Macs? Whether you're on-premises on in the Office 365 cloud, accessing your work content on the different devices you use is possible. This session will show you how. Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Mac are all devices supported by a rich OneDrive for Business document experience. Learning which app to use and what its capabilities are can be a challenge. In this demo-heavy session, you will experience first-hand what SharePoint and Office have to offer on every mobile platform and how to take advantage of it all to be productive on the go. This session will also cover platform support for the OneDrive for Business desktop syncing clients.
The Data Management Gateway is the key to getting On Prem data into the cloud for analysis. This session will talk in depth about the new features in Power BI to connect to on premise data sources for hybrid scenarios._x000D_
In this session you will learn how to enhance the value of your SharePoint solutions using Visio & Visio Services. We will show you how you can convert mundane data into smart shareable visual dashboards that update real time to represent the state of your manufacturing facilities and enable you to take corrective actions. Our experts will also help you understand how these concepts can be applied to many other scenarios through a series of demos and working dashboards. A great educational session for both partners and customers.
eDiscovery features have been completely redesigned and expanded upon in SharePoint Online within Office 365. Come learn how this solution spans SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and Lync Online, the features you need to know about, and how it impacts your Office 365 investment to best accommodate your audit, compliance and eDiscovery requirements._x000D_
This is the session to see BI in action from a desktop perspective. We will provide an end-to-end demo of BI in Excel with sharing through the new Power BI Sites. We will also share real-world use cases to help land all that you'll see in scenarios you can take back to work and try on your own upon return. _x000D_
Office 365 is an ideal business app platform providing a core set of services expected in today’s business apps like collaboration, presence and integrated workflows, and a central location for installing, discovering and managing the apps. Office 365 makes these business apps available where users already spend their time – in SharePoint & Office. Visual Studio 2013 streamlines the way developers build modern business applications for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 with the Office 365 Cloud Business App project. In this demo-heavy session, you’ll see how developers can build social, touch-centric, cross-platform Office 365 business applications that run well on all modern devices.
The Office Store is going through some significant updates based on feedback from developers and users. _x000D_ Come and hear about the exciting improvements we have planned including how users / organizations find and acquire apps. _x000D_ This session will also cover the increasing opportunity to grow your business with the App Model and Office Store. _x000D_
Learn best practices and patterns to build your next super-scalable SharePoint 2013 App. You will see how to pair the power of the browser and the cloud to build a SharePoint app that runs like a cheetah. We will go in depth on how the modern SharePoint 2013 app is built on Windows Azure, demo and learn how to manage the different mechanisms for scaling that are available to us, such as non-relational databases, cache, asynchronous API calls and queuing. You will take away code samples and guidance that will enable you to scale you next SharePoint 2013 app.
This session will explore SharePoint's integrated analytics & search driven publishing capabilities and how to use them to provide a continually evolving, effective user experience. We'll show, via real demos, how to exploit the full power of the SharePoint 2013 search & analytics platform together with numerous Web Content Management (WCM) features in your internet/intranet site, including personalization, promotions, social, recommendations, content re-use across channels.
Social collaboration is good for companies, but just how good? Interactions with people often create complexity that isn’t as simple as numbers in a dashboard. Making sense of the dynamic world of social data often requires a combination of data on your network and knowledge of your people. Who is using the network? How are they using it? What is the context? In this session we explore quantitative and qualitative measures that demonstrate the value of social by defining a vision and talking directly to employees.
The University of Washington (UW) is using SharePoint to answer the shifting challenges of IT as things move from "top down" to "bottom up." This session will cover lessons we have learned in the past and lessons we are learning now as we "look to the clouds" to host academic and collaborative solutions that bring real value to the diverse UW community of almost 140,000 people. In this context we will drill down to our experience of rolling out OneDrive for Business to academic, research and medical constituents. We will start this session with high level description of the University of Washington culture, constraints and drivers. We'll descend into more detail and share: our roadmap, implementation goals, HIPAA challenges, FERPA support and highlight some of the gotcha's and wins we have encountered along the way. Finally we will drill down into OneDrive for Business and demystify it's features and functions through hands on demonstration - as answering the questions "What is OneDrive for Business?" and "How can I use it?" have been central to our rollout and adoption by our community.
Provide apps to use while composing messages and appointments in Outlook, easily access attachments or entire mail item, save messages and appointments to SharePoint, sell mail apps and more! Since Apps for Outlook debuted a year ago, the platform has grown significantly._x000D_ _x000D_ Session attendees will leave with a solid understanding of the new features, compelling business scenarios and how to build them.

In this session, we will provide an overview of Office 365 Security, Compliance and Privacy. We will discuss how we ensure security, privacy and handling of customer data in Office 365. We will also discuss independent verification of the technological capabilities and best practices in these critical areas, how we enable customers to meet various standards and regulations and our approach to compliance and risk management.

In this session you will learn how to create Internet facing web sites with SharePoint 2013 in an on-premises or O365 environment. You will learn how the capabilities differ between the two environments and how to select the appropriate environment based on your requirements. You will also learn how to implement functionality that comes with on-premises SharePoint that is not currently part of the O365 Public Web Site. On premises topics will include WCM, Managed Navigation, Author in Place vs. Authoring / Rendering environments, Cross Site Publishing, Security (Limited-access user permission lock down mode feature), Search and how it relates to the Content By Search Web Part and anonymous users, and multi-lingual sites. O365 topics will include current limitations and workarounds associated with Publishing features, the Content By Search Web Part, and Device Channels. During this session you will learn how the web site was built on an O365 Public web site.
This session introduces the messaging and communications services available through Office 365. Electronic communications are the lifeblood of modern organizations, but challenges with storage, compliance and anywhere access continue to trouble IT professionals. Exchange Online provides IT Professionals the tools to remain in control, manage the increasing volumes of information, protect business communications and deliver exceptional experience across any device. Lync Online provides real-time communications through presence, IM chat, audio/video conferencing capabilities and federation with Skype. Together these technologies allow IT professionals to deliver and manage a comprehensive communications implementation.
Learn how SharePoint 2013 is not just great for building responsive, touch friendly and adaptive experiences but can also be leveraged to publish content and drive engagement on a multitude of devices. These rich experiences are not just limited to mobile browsers but can also be extended to run as native apps.In this session we will walkthrough how we worked with one customer by starting from requirements to building a new public facing website as-well as deploying a mobile app in the Windows Store to bring rich experiences to their users that are always on the go._x000D_
Come to this session to learn how power users can easily and quickly build SharePoint apps with a full SQL back end without writing any code. You’ll learn how to create rich UI SharePoint apps using Access with low to no involvement or impact from IT.
In this session we will showcase how Azure IaaS and SharePoint 2013 WCM provide greater flexibility and scale for high traffic sites. We will also provide best practices for scale out options, provide a performance comparison with a similar physical hardware. After this session you will be able to identify the number and types of machines you will require for your specific SharePoint Publishing and Web Content Management scenarios hosted in Azure._x000D_

SharePoint goes to school, goes to education. The Center for Advanced Technologies (CAT) is a magnet program within Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, Florida. The students, ages 16 - 18, of the Network Systems Administrator Program have collaborated on a wide variety of innovative SharePoint-developed solutions that continue to improve the school's operational efficiency and promote student achievement; including SharePoint solutions integrated with Android, iPad, Windows Mobile and Windows 8 devices. See how the conditions were created that enabled high school students to deliver enterprise quality solutions built on SharePoint that made a real difference to the campus community.

Like our own motto, “Help the world use the bicycle as a simple solution to complex problems,” we strive to build simple technology solutions to solve our complex business requirements. Take a seat, clip in and take a ride with Trek Bikes and discover how we combine SharePoint 2013, Yammer, CRM, and Office 365 (SharePoint Online, Lync Online and OneDrive for Business) to bolster collaboration, provide real-time insightful BI (soon moving to Power BI), and span all with our active social fabric. See how Trek Bikes does it (demos and screenshots) and take away ideas to drive simplicity into your design with increased usage across your own organization._x000D_
Expanding SharePoint usage and seamlessly connecting users is a great challenge.  Users exist in multiple Active Directories, LDAP directories, Databases, and the Cloud.  Full access requires logins across multiple ID’s and may be impossible.  Consolidating into one AD domain is a monumental task and often not a practical solution._x000D_ RadiantOne solves the SharePoint access challenge.  RadiantOne aggregates and correlates users into a global unique list and rationalized views of groups across all identity silos.  SharePoint accesses RadiantOne as a single source of user identities and group/role entitlements providing users access to all their SharePoint resources with a single ID.
Come to this session to learn how to take advantage of Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS) capabilities to build compelling SharePoint apps. In this session, we will provide an overview of Azure PaaS and will demonstrate how to leverage various features when building apps. We will demonstrate building apps while discussing specific scenarios where Azure PaaS provides a scalable solution for apps.

This panel session will focus on technical and business learnings gained on SharePoint deployments by Avanade global customers; from the challenges and learning opportunities  to the successes and how they were able to drive business value with SharePoint. Speaker: Andre Huizing, Avanade and the following, Avanade customers: Procter & Gamble, Pfizer, Dow Chemical, Bristol Myers Squibb, Devon Energy, Travelers Insurance

Over the past year we have seen an increase in hack attempts and many security breaches from inside and outside the organization. The standard ways of authentication are now not enough to protect content within an organization. Authentication Federation technology whether on premise or in the cloud can go a long way to removing the intrinsic connection between user validation and the application. However this technology is not enough on its own especially when we are all brining our own devices to work or working anywhere and anytime. To resolve this core issue, multi-factor authentication technology can help in securing access by requiring further user input and validation before accessing content. In this session we will look at securing SharePoint using On-Premise and Windows Azure federation services combined with multi-factor authentication services to create a powerful and secure mechanism for accessing SharePoint.
CommVault will discuss and live demonstrate Best Practices for Data Management in the heterogeneous environment. Special attention will be paid to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint. Active Directory, SQL, Lync and File. CommVault will cover E-Discovery/Search for compliance as well tiered storage practices with regard to DeDuplication and Azure Cloud Storage.
Microsoft Office Web Apps 2013 is a crucial part of any SharePoint, Exchange and Lync on-premises deployment. In this session we will dive into the details of planning, deploying and operating your Office Web Apps server farm. Through a great number of demos we will create a new farm from scratch, make it highly available and then connect it to SharePoint and Exchange. We will cover aspects such as scale considerations, patching with minimum downtime and security decisions you have to take as a Office Web Apps farm admin.

Hybrid is fast becoming the new normal for SharePoint organizations. The challenge is how to enable citizen developers and technical developers alike to build business apps that span cloud and on-premises and to ensure cloud doesn’t become the next information silo._x000D_ _x000D_ In this session K2 will introduce a new no-code, cloud-based platform for creating workflow and forms apps that seamlessly integrate with SharePoint online, on-premises or both. With browser-based design tools, access to LOB data on-premises or in the cloud and zero infrastructure requirements, K2 removes the headache of online or on-premises and lets you focus on solving business challenges.

Improve the value of search results by managing Relevance. SharePoint 2013 and O365 provide a comprehensive set of tools to manage Search Relevance. SharePoint 2013 and O365 combine and improve upon the best tools available for Fast Search and SharePoint 2010, and introduce the notion of Query Rules that allow administrators to influence relevance for a single query or sets of queries using a straightforward user interface. In this talk, we will explain how ranking works under the hood, and give hands on demonstrations of how to use query rules, result sources, XRANK, federation to external search providers, and use the rank tuning tool to improve relevance and the value of your search solutions. We will explain the Relevance Lifecycle, the iterative process of finding problem queries and fixing them that is essential to optimizing relevance, and discuss which tools are most appropriate for various situations.
Cloud computing has marked a significant change in the world as we know it. Businesses especially have seen the immeasurable benefits of cloud technology and Microsoft’s Office 365 and Yammer platforms are a brilliant example of their adaptability to today’s user-centric work environment. This session will include a “trifecta” of Microsoft Cloud solutions and best practice discussions. 1) During this session BrightStarr’s Kip Wagner will provide an overview of their Nielson Norman Award winning site Abt Associates which is built on Office 365. 2) Will Saville, co-founder of BrightStarr, will Introduce Breeze; the out-of-the-box intranet that is simple, cool, adaptable and most importantly, works around you. 3) Finally, the session will wrap up with an Industry-leading panel from Microsoft, Yammer, Barclays, Metalogix, Webtrends and BrightStarr where you will have the opportunity to “ask the experts” on how to plan, design and build world class solutions with SharePoint, Office 365 and Yammer._x000D_ _x000D_ Our special keynote speaker is Margaret Loosemore; Senior Partner/Channel Marketing Manager, Competitive Lead at Microsoft._x000D_ _x000D_ Our panelists will include:_x000D_ Will Saville – BrightStarr – Co-Founder_x000D_ Justin Kean – Barclays – Senior Architect – COO GTIS_x000D_ Ursula Llabres – Microsoft – Senior Customer Success Manager, Yammer_x000D_ Steve Caravajal, Ph.D. – Microsoft – Director, Digital Strategy & Architecture_x000D_ Jeff Seacrist – Webtrends – VP of Product Strategy_x000D_ Tamir Orbach – Metalogix – Director of Product Management – Content_x000D_
You’ve built your SharePoint 2013 farm and gotten it configured just how you want it. But how do you know if it can stand up to the load your users are going to throw at it? In this session we’ll show you how to use Visual Studio 2013 to load test your SharePoint farm. We’ll show you how to bring your farm to its knees to find out where your farm’s limitations before are your users do. Then we’ll show you what changes to make your farm scale higher and knee-buckle free. _x000D_
Let’s connect, transform and reimagine further by discussing the unique experiences and opportunities of women working in the field of technology. Get insights into professional development from our panel of "women in SharePoint" speakers and be inspired by their journeys as to what you can achieve. There will be time to network and make new connections while enjoying this special lunch.
Come and see how to use the Yammer REST API along with the SharePoint App Model to build integrated applications using .NET server side code. This session will start with the basic process of using the Yammer REST API and serializing the data into easy to use .NET classes. That foundation will then be used to demonstrate building applications that integrate Yammer and SharePoint, as well as being able to deliver that content on a multitude of devices. The same methods will then be used to show how you can turn the authorization model for SharePoint completely around by using Yammer users and groups for security in your SharePoint site.
Many executives understand that social business has an opportunity to fundamentally change the way their organization works. Yet many companies face significant barriers to achieving success. Social business changes the way work gets done. But, to be successful, processes must be designed to assure adoption. In this session, we'll explore the keys to help your organization achieve meaningful results from your investment in social: leading a social culture, measuring what matters, and engaging users to incorporate social in the flow of their work. _x000D_
Exchange offers new REST based API access to mailbox data in Office 365. This session will explain not only the new API surface but also a new way how to authenticate to those APIs based on the OAuth2 protocol. You will learn how to build web apps and native apps using OAuth to authenticate, using REST to submit request, and ODATA to process results calling the new Exchange APIs. The sessions covers basic concepts, the general framework and walk through code samples base on a demo app to get you started developing for Exchange in the new way.”

Today IT departments have an unprecedented opportunity to work with the business to change how people work and provide solutions that help get things done more efficiently, from anywhere and with anyone. As IT, how do you proceed to define these scenarios and ensure people can take full advantage of them? In this session, we will discuss the common use cases and best practices coming from successful customers, experienced partners, and focus groups that led to sustainable user adoption. Specifically, we'll discuss: 1. the top use cases that need to be solved and Office 365 and SharePoint 2013's capability to address these specific challenges, 2. the best practices and 3. the role enterprise social can play in successful adoption. Drive adoption within your own organization the way you desire - not by chance.

Do you have an old static company or department portal? Are you spending too much time actively maintaining relevant content for it? Social is in! In this session we will enhance a company portal in a few easy steps and enable it for open social communication inside both Yammer and SharePoint. We will walk through the different ways of integrating Yammer including Open Graph, Embed and REST API. We will also show you how to utilize search and recommendations to move from a static site to a dynamic and user engaging portal.
Identifying performance bottlenecks can be cumbersome. From the individual machine, the local LAN, the WAN, Web Front Ends and SQL Server, this session will show you the strategies for identifying weak links and provide hard evidence to affect change. We'll combine IIS, ULS, Performance Monitor, and Network Mapping to develop a complete health picture and empower admins to quickly answer the question "Why is SharePoint slow?". From these strategies, objective measurements can be developed to show impact of code, infrastructure, or configuration changes.
SharePoint 2013 has a number of services that support cross-farm or federated architectures. In this session, we will introduce you to these services, discuss when to implement them, and share with you best practices on configuring them in your environment.
Microsoft Access 2013 and Access Services 2013 have made a huge step forward... one of the greatest advancements on top of the new SharePoint platform. Anyone can build powerful business solutions in minutes. The new Access 2013 allows you to follow agile development from your business units and remain confident the data is secured, backed up, and managed appropriately. We will look at how you can leverage the SharePoint Apps model and use SQL Azure as a backend database. We, too, will talk about how your legacy Access applications could be brought forward and migrated. _x000D_ This will be a technical session focused on functionality, capability, process and architecture. There will be 'no code' and we will discuss the rationale of why this should be in your development arsenal.
Microsoft project & portfolio management (PPM) offerings are built on top of SharePoint and are available for both on-premises (Project Server 2013) and online (Project Online) environments. Join us to learn how you can deliver, configure and extend a project and portfolio management solution that aligns with your organization's business processes and helps deliver the intended business value. We will focus our demos on metadata, business intelligence, demand management and portfolio analysis configuration. _x000D_ Target audience for this session - Developers, Architects, Project managers, and Project/Program Management Office. _x000D_ PLEASE NOTE this session is NOT focusing on installation and IT configuration - we will point to relevant resources on TechNet and sessions from Project Conference 2014.
SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online change the landscape in many ways, particularly with its application model and cloud capabilities. From a business perspective, this makes the job of the governance teams more difficult and complex as these issues become key priorities (and areas of weakness) for the organization. This session is a strategic conversation around the elements governance teams should be most concerned with, from data ownership to creating the correct policies and social rights to security. Attendees will learn tactical strategies which can be used as soon as they return to the office.
SharePoint 2013 introduces new search architecture with many improvements for managing the aspects of a search deployment. In this session we will briefly review the new architecture and then demonstrate methods for troubleshooting the most common search related issues. These include stuck crawls, errors/warnings in the logs, content processing issues, and unexpected crawl and component states by diving into the admin database as well as common query processing failures including query load balancing and query rule tracing.
SharePoint may be the center of the universe, but it’s a big universe.  Workflows often need to integrate processes that span data and applications across the data center and throughout the cloud.  This demo-intensive session will show just how easy it is to use Nintex to automate and integrate on-premise and online content repositories, line of business apps, databases, custom code, and other resources – we’ll even build a solution before your eyes.  More than a thousand customers use Nintex with and/or in the cloud, and this session will illustrate why Nintex’s motto is "workflow for everyone — everywhere".
In this session you will learn how to manage your SharePoint Online (SPO) environment in the browser (the SharePoint Online Admin Center) and by using the SharePoint Online Management Shell (aka, Microsoft PowerShell for SPO). We will cover numerous scenarios and demos for both seasoned SharePoint admins and to the new SPO admins.
Can single sign on be accomplished with SharePoint? How do I integrate my on premise apps with the cloud in a secure manner? I need to authenticate devices, how can SharePoint help me? This session will provide you with the positive options available for answering these and several other authentication questions. You will learn about the different authentications options available for integrating systems apps, devices, and applications for on-prem scenarios, in the cloud and hybrid. Your given scenario dictates what is possible with SharePoint, Office 365 and everything in between. We will help you identify those needs and implement them properly and effectively._x000D_
This session will provide an end-to-end scenario of how spreadsheets can be centrally managed and risk assessed through Inquire in Excel, Audit and Control Manager in SharePoint._x000D_
The student, parent and teacher journey through school depends on transparency to progress and accessibility to information. The information in this case is student work and progress. Shireland developed a dynamic portal that adjusts with the school’s timetabling system so that sites are provisioned and proper permissions are assigned. The focus of this session will be to both showcase the journey from a private SharePoint 2007 cloud into Office 365 for education. You’ll see how they take advantage of the external sharing capabilities for parental access, how they approached branding, community, social and tagging. You’ll also hear how they benefit from a unified experience across laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The remainder of the session will highlight some of where they are extending their system building apps, increasing access of Office at home, furthering parental access, leveraging Lync and more. Lots to learn. Lots of questions to ask. If you’re considering a move to Office 365, this session – even if you’re not in the education industry - will highlight much value on your own journey into the cloud.
As more and more organizations embrace BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), many different browsers and devices need to access information in SharePoint and Office 365. No longer can you insist that users stick to a PC and Internet Explorer - they may not even have a PC! In fact, gone are the days you can even rely on a browser - users expect apps._x000D_ _x000D_ In this session we'll demonstrate emerging options for accessing Office 365 from mobile platforms. You'll see how using Office 365's REST APIs, native and web apps can access and modify your organization's information, and you'll learn how to use new developer tools and libraries for O365 and Azure Active Directory to build apps for the actual devices your users bring with them.
This session will discuss what consists of the Microsoft BI stack, which capabilities exists for BI on SharePoint and Excel Services on premises, and compare it to the capabilities available in the cloud offering of PowerBI for Office365. We will then propose ways to help you decide when to use the cloud vs. the on-prem solutions for your BI projects.
Every app can benefit from social capabilities. This session will dive into how to leverage the best of Yammer in your apps for SharePoint. Learn how to integrate Yammer functionality into your apps and bring them to life with a more socially connected experience. We will cover everything you need to know to get started and cover working with Yammer APIs, Open Graph, what’s available out of the box and numerous tips and tricks from real work implementations.
More and more customers using the public cloud and IaaS to extend their existing investments in SharePoint as their business grows, and/or new applications are required. Join us to understand the options that Windows Azure IaaS can provide to SharePoint users and how you can get started today. We will prioritize scenarios that represent the best opportunity for deploying SharePoint and taking full advantage of Windows Azure IaaS, and give case studies/examples of proven implementations in full production.
A great looking, relevant, informative dashboard for the executive is the ultimate end goal for most Business Intelligence projects. Microsoft has all of the tools necessary to get data from your transactional systems into an effective dashboard. What is less clear is to how to go about achieving this. Which tools should you use? As with most things, we have different tools for different requirements, and it isn't always clear as to how they match up. _x000D_ This session will focus on what the various reporting and dashboarding tools from Microsoft can do for you, where you should use them, and how to get them working for you. Both on premises and cloud-based scenarios will be discussed. At the conclusion of this session, you should have a fundamental understanding of how the Microsoft products in this space fit together, including SQL Server, Integration Services, Analysis Services, Excel, Reporting Services, SharePoint, Power View, PerformancePoint, and Power BI. _x000D_

Find out how an organization with a 100,000+ user base is driving adoption of SharePoint 2013. You’ll see the chaos-to-clarity journey we’ve taken from SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013, learn how we’ve reframed our governance strategy and get an insider’s look into our SharePoint Center of Excellence (COE). You’ll also learn how our internal SharePoint user group community and SharePoint Ninja recognition program have shaped our journey, catapulting us from being “just another file repository” to being the premier workflow automation tool people want to use. The Ninjas are rising.

Power BI for Office 365 delivers a broad range of compelling capabilities for turning data into insight. Power BI builds on the foundation of Excel and SharePoint Online to enable information workers and data stewards to discover, reshape, analyze, visualize, and share data – whether that data is on-prem or in the cloud, public data or enterprise data – enabling business insight and business impact without requiring IT involvement._x000D_ _x000D_ This session presents and demonstrates the capabilities of Power BI, and highlights its breakthrough capabilities for making the world’s data available to users across the business. If you’ve been wondering how to empower your business to be more responsive and agile, and to free up your IT department to focus on strategic initiatives instead of tactical information management requests, this is a session you can’t afford to miss.
Since the initial announcement of Apps for Office, originally code-named “Agaves”, this feature of the Office Suite has been under emphasized and all too often overlooked. Apps for Office, mini applications that extend what you can do with the new version of Office, is a highly potent platform which is built into the Office Suite that can be leveraged to increase business productivity. _x000D_ _x000D_ During this session targeted to Business Decision Makers, we will take a look at what Apps for Office entails, how it can be used to add value to your business through real world scenarios, and understand what opportunities the platform can open up for your business to maximize your existing investment in the Office Suite. By the end, you will have learned how to unlock this powerful tool and immediately increase the productivity of your organization.
Learn about the capabilities of Single Sign-On and Directory Sync for Yammer, and get the insiders view on best practices for engagement and compliance. The session will start with a look at identity management and the roadmap for Yammer. We’ll then dig into what can be achieved with the current integration tools._x000D_ _x000D_ The session will cover important technical details that IT professionals need to know about Yammer, show you how to take control of authentication using SSO, and handle user provisioning with Directory Sync. Best practices for deploying both of these tools will be discussed._x000D_
Know your business. Know your business requirements. Know your users. And then introduce a new social fabric that up-levels your workforce inside and outside the firewall, cross device, cross platform. This session will focus on the strategy behind moving your entire organization from an informed user base into a daily-engaged, active community. Lines of communication can go top down, bottom up, and it all happens wherever, whenever.
Forget dogs, PowerShell is a SharePoint admin’s best friend. PowerShell lets us to do our everyday tasks faster and with less error. It also lets us do things we’d never dreamed of before. Get a brief overview of PowerShell, then dig in to some PowerShell scripts you can take home and use on your farm._x000D_
Office 365 is continuously evolving service. It is important to stay on top of updates and new releases coming to the service. We have some exciting improvements coming on how we help customers manage change in the service. In this session will walk through the process of how we deploy and update the service and new capabilities. We will also discuss the communication processes and how you can keep informed of what is coming to the service.
This session will teach you everything that you need to know in order to understand and maintain SharePoint Apps as an IT Pro. Learn about the different flavors of Apps, the underlying Apps architecture, how to configure an on-premises environment to support Apps and how to maintain Apps in your environment.
Are you confused by SharePoint licensing, and overwhelmed by the different SKUs and plans for SharePoint on-premises and SharePoint Online? Don't know where to look? Look no further. This session is designed to learn more about SharePoint and Office 365 licensing. Consider it Microsoft licensing 101 and a deeper dive into the different plans and licensing options for SharePoint.
The move of large publishing portals to the Cloud presents interesting challenges and opportunities – not just with the amount of content, but in the configuration of multiple site collections to create seamless user experiences. Come learn how Microsoft IT extended its governance platform to provide a configuration framework using SharePoint CSOM and Azure to facilitate the provisioning of pre-configured sites that meet organizational business directives. We'll also cover how we’re using key publishing and web content management features to facilitate site creation with consistent design

The way that people and organizations interact is changing with the explosive growth of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Learn how to harness the power of social technologies in your sales, service and marketing strategies. We'll spotlight Yammer for social collaboration and the exciting Netbreeze social listening and analytics solution. We'll demonstrate how these solutions fit into a comprehensive social CRM program. We’ll also provide insight into future social CRM investments._x000D_

User storage demands are increasing - and while disks are cheap - they aren't free. See what SharePoint Online does to provide cost effective storage at scale, learn how to model capacity expansion for OneDrive for Business, and see how you can give your users 25GB of OneDrive for Business storage without breaking the bank.

Enterprise Social is enabling organizations across the world to transform their businesses, to harnesses the power of their most valuable asset, their people, by connecting employees, customers, and partners. In this session you will learn about the value of enterprise social, Microsoft's vision and our latest product roadmap.

Is there rogue usage of consumer, non-approved file, sync and share technologies in your organization? Come to this session to learn how to get up and running fast with OneDrive for Business and deliver great file storage experiences so your users can sync and share across devices and platforms, while at the same time deploying to the specific compliance rules you require. This session will cover IT planning considerations on connecting your on-premises SharePoint Server deployment to OneDrive for Business, the topics include: Angel ways to synchronize your on-premises directory data to the cloud to achieve identity SSO (single sign-on), (b) rollout of OneDrive for Business across your organization, and (c) getting other O365 Suite level features running in conjunction with OneDrive for Business.
How are Microsoft employees working more socially? What did Microsoft IT do to help shift the culture? If adoption of social is mostly about change management, what does that look like in an enterprise the size of Microsoft (100,000+ users, geo-distributed worldwide)? Get the scoop on how Microsoft is adopting and the kinds of questions that social at scale is forcing Microsoft to accommodate for.
The key to building a successful SharePoint 2013 environment is to ensure you are starting with the right requirements. In this session, you will learn how requirements impact design. You will then learn what questions are important and more importantly, how to get the answers you need. Plan it right and your users and business owners will thank you.
With 175,000 users spanning business units, geographies and languages, EY needs a single search solution that respects this complexity — and with minimal overhead. _x000D_ _x000D_ Working through our enterprise search management program, we’ll explain how we configured, measure and manage search to deliver real business value with a hybrid SharePoint search solution supporting multiple farms on-premises and in Office 365. _x000D_ _x000D_ Using real-life examples, we’ll demonstrate how we identify problematic searches, uncover the causes and implement solutions so our diverse users can find the content and people that are relevant to them._x000D_ _x000D_ We’ll share the challenges we faced porting our search program to this environment and the innovative approaches we developed to keep the user experience smooth and successful.

This session will demonstrate how a new class of scenarios and user experiences can be enabled by re-imagining solutions using Cloud based technology and Apps for Office. In this session you will learn how to make cloud based line of business applications which include Apps for Office in Word, Excel, and Outlook, and also how to supplement them with O365 SharePoint web sites, Windows Phone 8 apps, notifications, and Azure Web Sites and SQL Databases. During this session you will see an extremely polished end to end demo scenario related to idea generation, qualification, selection, development, and evaluation unfold. You will learn how all the components in the demo are built, what patterns are used to implement them, and have a lot of fun along the way. This session also has a little bit of March Madness flavor baked into it which will provide an entertaining and enlightening experience.

A major business transformation is brewing in the enterprise today. Mobile technologies, business velocity, geographically dispersed and multi-generational workforce are converging to deliver the promise of responsive organizations. Organizations that miss this paradigm shift will face dire consequences. How can you effectively manage this shift, ensure that it will be sustainable and reap the benefits of being a responsive organization? In this session you'll learn how to apply practical steps and effective techniques to manage your multi-device and multi-generational workforce.
SharePoint 2013 introduces a new and highly flexible search topology. This gives more flexibility on how to scale a system, and allows search to tackle demanding requirements for query and indexing performance. In this session we will take you through the deployment of a multi-node search installation, provide best practices for common operational procedures, and give you tips and tricks on how to keep your search system healthy.

There are several methods to customize SharePoint. Developers have the option of creating new cloud applications for SharePoint or maintaining legacy full trust code. Coupled with the complexity many organizations have in terms of managing SharePoint customizations across Office 365 and on-premises implementations, developers and solution architects will need to understand how to adjust application lifecycle management (ALM) techniques to support and deploy quality solutions. This session will focus on the establishment of development, testing and deployment best practices for on-prem and cloud applications and solutions. We, too, will include concepts such as continuous integration, release management and automated testing._x000D_

In this session we will cover the brand new ecommerce and storefront solution built using SharePoint 2013 and Dynamics for Retail. This solution provides an ecommerce storefront platform that leverages SharePoint 2013's search driven adaptive online experiences with Dynamics for Retail to power scenarios around merchandizing, catalog management, pricing and promotion, order management and financials for an ecommerce site. Learn how you can implement compelling, adaptive commerce sites that increase revenue, drive site engagement, conversions, and loyalty and build ecommerce ISV solutions on the Dynamics and SharePoint platforms.

This session highlights collaboration scenarios with SharePoint, Office Web Apps (Real Time Editing), Office 365 Pro Plus, OneDrive for Business, and numerous cross-device, cross-platform mobile scenarios. In this session we'll cover all mobile investments across Windows Phone, Windows 8, iOS, Android and the Web. Office 365, SharePoint and Yammer make it easy for users to remain in the social fabric of ongoing discussions, keeping up with the people and documents they need to work on.

This session will focus on how to develop on-premises solutions based on architecture patterns that will support migration to Office 365 in the future. These solutions are based on a shift to client-side development to allow repackaging rather than rewriting to enable the new App model. The result is code that is safer and easier to deploy, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
This session will show what’s new in Office and SharePoint development and unveil new features and capabilities that demonstrate how the development model has evolved.
Learn how to leverage the power of the cloud to build dynamic, informative and engaging Intranet solutions with Office 365. Get real-world guidance and best practices for driving user adoption and engagement through powerful features like cross-site publishing, metadata navigation and search-driven content, along with proven techniques for custom branding, interface extensions, disaster recovery and lifecycle management.
More documents than ever are being stored in SharePoint, including OneDrive for Business. Come and hear about the improvements we've made in SharePoint to help you meet your retention requirements more easily across all of your SharePoint documents.
Workflow Manager is a new product that provides support for SharePoint 2013 workflows. This session will look at the architecture and design considerations that are required for deploying a Workflow Manager farm. We will also examine the business continuity management options to provide high availability and disaster recovery scenarios. If you want a deep dive on how Workflow Manager works, then this is the session for you.
In previous versions of SharePoint, creating customized search solutions often required developers or resources with deep search engine expertise. With SharePoint 2013, power users are now empowered to create compelling search solutions for their organizations._x000D_ _x000D_ In this dynamic session, you will get an introduction to the new tool set and a practical guide for using some of the more powerful search features in SharePoint 2013. Additionally, you will learn best practices from the field and discuss available customizations you can easily take advantage of to get the most out of search for your team sites, portals or across your entire organization. Don’t miss this session and learn the 6 steps to getting the best out of search for your organization.
What was once 2007 is now 2013. In this session we will share all elements related to upgrade and migration - the differences in versions, core improvements, global deployment challenges and more. We, too will review the decisions made for hardware and network to round out the architectural requirements of running SharePoint 2013 at our scale. AKA, we’re going to delve into the nuts and bolts of the backend - including the CDN integration, content management strategy, security, reliability etc.. The overall value of this session will come through assessing what AMD did do and what AMD chose not to do.
In the past, it was very difficult for management and back office teams to connect with frontline staff to learn more about what customers were experiencing first hand. Then with the rise of mobile devices and social networks, everyone has a voice and something to contribute. Now, companies from around the world are empowering their frontline works using Enterprise Social to get feedback faster and become much more responsive organizations. In this session you'll hear about how these companies have done this and the advantages they are getting from tapping into this previously disconnected part of the organization.
Deep Dive into the new features and APIs in the Cloud App Model for Apps for Office
External users or guests, are becoming more mainstream in Office 365 – both in their capabilities and how admins manage and report on all sharing activities. This session will focus on what's new for sharing (internally & externally) in both SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. This session will also focus on what is coming soon for guest collaboration in Office 365, the core platform improvements and new levels of control and management at the Office 365 admin level._x000D_
An introduction to the vision and roadmap for the Office Forms vNext strategy._x000D_
Yammer has distinguished itself as an enterprise social network on the inside of organizations, but its potential for engaging external customers, partners and vendors has flown under the radar... until now. Learn how Yammer's ease of adoption, powerfully interactive style of information sharing and governance tools combine with mobile accessibility and the power of the cloud to deliver, social, secure and world-class external collaboration!
Come learn about the tools and approaches to build apps and solutions that integrate with OneDrive for Business.
There are many opinions on knowledge sharing and management inside the organization. Come and discover how Microsoft work with customers to realize business value and what the solution looks like. _x000D_ Many customers have different requirements - even within the organization. In this session we will go into how to navigate in the solution space and what are the solution that fits best for you. We will address a selected set of scenarios and how to approach them with the technology and solutions available. We will talk about how and when you can utilize SharePoint and Yammer to solve your business challenges. We will also look into additional important steps to be successful with the adoption and change in your organization.
Records management capabilities in SharePoint are enterprise grade, causing many customers to remove the additional cost and complexity of third party products. This session reviews the records management capabilities in SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online against real world scenarios of extreme scale. We'll go through the major design decisions behind the solution - in place vs. records center, creating file plans, retention schedules, document and site metadata and eDiscovery, etc.. We'll also share real world experience in delivering such a solution that attempts to keep both business and IT stakeholders happy!
This IT Pro track overview session will focus on what's new and coming soon for SharePoint 2013 on-premises - including highlights of SP1. Going further, we'll expose how online and hybrid improvements increase both deployment scenarios and value, this includes upcoming updates and capabilities. We, too, will articulate our on-premises strategy beyond SharePoint 2013. _x000D_ _x000D_ This is a must-not-miss session for any IT Pro! You will receive key announcements, great demos and truly kickoff your week with what's been tailored for you and what's to come across IT Pro sessions, hands-on-labs, post-day trainings and more.
In just a few short years, we have seen some seismic shifts in how people create and consume content over the Internet. One fundamental shift is the great migration from the dominance of desktop computers to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Users now have high expectations for web sites and content to be personalized, interactive, and easily available from any device and any form factor. These changes have fundamentally changed the nature of web design and development. One of the hottest topics in web design is Responsive Web Design (RWD). Responsive web design is a methodology, supported by new capabilities provided by CSS3 and HTML5, which will enable the next generation of web sites to provide the best user experience across a wide variety of devices and browsers. However, the complexity of RWD has a steep learning curve. In this session, we will start with an overview of what RWD is and why we should use it, followed by an in-depth look into RWD theory and how these techniques relate to SharePoint 2013. We will then dive into the code and walk you through the process of designing responsive and attractive SharePoint web sites using the latest techniques in responsive web design.
Don't miss the opportunity to hear about Project and Portfolio management (PPM) in the Cloud and how it relates to your SharePoint Online users. During this session, we will talk about Microsoft's vision for PPM in the Cloud and identify the solutions across Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, and Project. It all fits seamlessly together so you can take a realistic approach to project & portfolio management inside your organization.
All versions of SharePoint to date have bought us closer and closer to a better authentication and security model so that we can securely share content inside and outside of the organization. Understanding the Authentication and Authorization process will help you as an organization to visualize how, when, who and why users are accessing content. Once the core security model is defined protecting the content and infrastructure become the important, especially understanding the entry points that could expose data. In this session we will look at the process of Authenticating and Authorizing Users, Protecting the content and securing the infrastructure so that those hackers out there will think twice before attempting to access your environment.
Are you an Office 365 Partner? Come learn about the tools available to Office 365 Partners to help them effectively manage and administer their customers. This includes tools to help Partners perform admin tasks on behalf of their customers, gain better visibility into the service health of their customers and provider better technical support for their customers.
High Availability and Disaster Recovery are two topics that frequently come up. But how do you architect your SharePoint environment in order to meet these requirements? This session will review what Business Continuity Management is and how to use SQL Server AlwaysOn to achieve these goals. This is a practical demo rich session, with plenty of tips and tricks from real-world deployments.
This session focuses on the direct-to-customer Office 365 Service Communications rhythm. As an always up to date service, maintaining communication channels between IT professionals and the Office 365 team is critical. Learn how Office 365 service adjustments, upgrades, planned maintenance, and service health are communicated and how to engage with Microsoft. This is a great session to provide feeback, please come with your questions and comments.
Where do you keep track of all your tasks? Outlook? SharePoint? Maybe Project Server? Storing them across multiple applications is a pure Information Worker challenge. SharePoint 2013 has the new Work Management Service Application to solve these issues. It aggregates tasks across SharePoint, Exchange, Project Server and there's even a story for TFS. There's not that much documentation out there on how to configure it, how to maintain and work with it. In this session I will walk through the architecture and setup, and go over how it operates and what you need to know to keep it alive. I will demonstrate the features and discuss all of the technical aspects.
This session, designed for business and IT executives, helps you better understand and plan how to leverage your existing investment in SharePoint 2010 to get the most out of SharePoint 2013 and/or SharePoint Online. Learn how to leverage your current knowledge, training, and content organization to maximize your SharePoint 2013 benefit. Learn how to use the key features of SharePoint 2013, such as the new intuitive experience, to improve your portal, collaboration, and document management experience. Also understand how you should leverage related technologies, such as Yammer and Office 365. This is the first session to provide a roadmap for a successful SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365 journey._x000D_
Analytics Feature is a complete revision in SharePoint 2013. Like in other components from SharePoint Search parts from FAST Search and from SharePoint Search have been used together to create a new and powerful feature. As shown on examples and demos we’ll demonstrate the possibility of reasonable adjustments, creating own events and useful solutions based on Analytics data. As part of the session we will also have a closer look at querying the Analytics data using PowerPivot in SharePoint or native PowerPivot in Excel, PowerShell and custom code._x000D_ Search Driven Solutions as well as companywide search portals request much more requirement criteria to the search and analytics function which cannot always be covered by out-of-the-box functionality. IT-Pros, Developers as well as Architects will have the chance to experience what can be done in Analytics using PowerShell, configuration settings and custom solutions._x000D_
This session will introduce new compliance scenarios within SharePoint, Office 365, along with the value it brings. We will cover the various aspects of each component and discuss how to access and configure the capabilities such as Auditing, Archiving, eDiscovery, DLP, etc.. We will share several new announcements and put it all into context for where we are bringing together the bridges across product and user experience.
A Hybrid environment combining SharePoint Server 2013 and SharePoint Online can fuse together the very best elements of both systems and offer a seamless experience to end-users when implemented correctly - in addition to providing you with cost savings. Attend this session to understand the solutions SharePoint hybrid environments support. We'll walk through the end-to-end configuration process covering infrastructure, identity management and SharePoint integration points. We'll use Search as a real-world example. Hybrid is a real way to begin to take advantage of cloud economics, achieve user-productive scenario benefits and the deployment approach is entirely supported by Microsoft.

This session details common scenarios for deploying Office 365 services. Office 365 provides a breadth of capability, but often there is a key scenario that is the priority. In this session learn about deployment case studies of customers that started with Office 365 ProPlus and added additional services later, customers that have already deployed Yammer and wish to add additional Office 365 services and vice versa. Understand the implications of these deployment approaches and the steps required to expand the service offerings._x000D_

SharePoint applications created by Access are real SharePoint apps that you now can put in the Office Store. These no-code data centric web apps are part of Office 365. To make the publishing of these apps complete, Access has added features to help you deploy upgrades to existing apps. So you can deploy new versions of an app in production without losing their data. Come see how it all works.
This session will demonstrate a proven process for defining, designing, implementing and governing your information architecture (IA). IA is more than just columns and metadata. You will learn how the different components available in SharePoint and Office 365 can be leveraged to their fullest potential and your users' ultimate benefit to content organization and discovery.
Search-driven publishing is alive in SharePoint Online! This includes the Content Search Web Part (CSWP) and Cross-Site Collection Publishing - both enhance the number and quality of search-driven solutions you can build into your sites and portals within Office 365. This session will provide an overview of these new building blocks, provide best practices and focus on how to optimize page load times with queries and take advantage of a new caching mechanism in the CSWP. Your sites will come alive, be dynamic and change the way you provide 'fresh' content to your users.
In order to keep your SharePoint environment from becoming used as 'just another file share' there are things you can do to make it more valuable and usable. Understanding how content types work and implementing them in your environment helps you and your users make sense of the content. Add in the benefit of working with Managed Metadata to create and standardize the terminology and your environment will be easily searched, understood, and utilized. This session will focus on understanding content types, implementing them, planning and using metadata term sets, all to help you build richer SharePoint environments.
In this session we will dig into the new architecture for Search in SharePoint 2013. We will cover all architectural components, plus discuss the differences between the 2013 release versus FAST Search and search in SharePoint 2010. Microsoft has updated topology models for different sized deployments. This will be presented along with sizing and scaling data for both physical and virtual machines - actionable data you can use to assess and use during your planning phase. We will also cover planning for high availability, backup/restore, and migration.
Learn how Visio and Visio Services, along with SharePoint, can be used to solve complex business challenges like Facilities Management. In this session we will showcase how you can create and share live & actionable facilities management dashboards. This session will also provide guidance on generating reports that can help track key metrics related to Facilities Management. A highly relevant session no matter which industry vertical you are in.
Apps for Office” is a new technology for extending Office applications. You may have seen exciting Apps for Office in Excel, Word and Outlook. Well, the newest version of this technology is coming to SharePoint apps created with Access. Come see some cool Apps for Office (like Maps and Charts) that extend the value Access web apps. We will show how to build, test and deploy your own Apps for Office as well as how to use those in the Office Store.
Want to get the most out of your SharePoint investment and maximize adoption, especially for content management and search? Using the new features of SharePoint 2013 and Office 365, Scott shows you how to best use a mix of Metadata Columns, Folders, OneDrive for Business, Search, SharePoint mobile apps, and other fantastic features to get the most out of storing, organizing, and finding document content in SharePoint
Being a SharePoint architect can be challenging - you need to deal with everything from hardware, resources, requirements, business continuity management, a budget and of course customers. You, the architect, have to manage all this and in the end deliver a good architecture that satisfies all the needs of your customer. Along the line you have to make decisions based on experience, facts and sometimes the gut feeling. In this session we will cover some of the architectural changes in the SharePoint 2013 architecture, some of the new guidance from Microsoft and provide insight into a number of successful real-world scenarios. You will see what decisions were made while designing and implementing these projects with emphasis on why they were made.
In this session learn about best practices, features and tools available for site owners to build and manage SharePoint sites and no-code Solutions, and finally drive usage and adoption._x000D_
Do you have users that need to remain productive when they are outside of the office - outside your firewall? Come and hear about a new set of services available in Windows Server 2012 R2 that enable you to do this securely and efficiently. Hear how you can use the combination of ADFS and the new Web Application Proxy to publish key internal services to users externally with the powerful combo Windows Server 2012 R2 and SharePoint 2013. See demonstrations of key bring your own device (BYOD) scenarios on Windows and iOS devices to help you mobilize your workforce, enhance productivity while out of the office -- all the while staying secure and compliant.
The online version of Office is evolving and making the Office experience more collaborative than ever. Come to this session to see what’s new, get a peek at what’s coming, and learn how Office Web Apps work with the Office applications you know and trust so you and your colleagues can collaborate without compromise on documents, presentations and spreadsheets.
Learn about the capabilities provided by the Yammer API and how you can integrate social with your applications. This session will review the Yammer platform features and how you can best exploit these. We’ll cover usage of Yammer APIs from a Microsoft platforms, and include best practices learned from years in the trenches of the Yammer Developer Network.
In most organizations today, SharePoint is nothing more than a glorified file share and while training is a critical component that can drive better adoption, it is not enough. To make the most out of your SharePoint investment, it is critical that your users take advantage of SharePoint’s full capability to address their day-to-day business needs. The key to drive excitement, organizational buy-in and adoption is being able to provide relevant, business-contextual application that drives consistent, sustainable usage._x000D_ _x000D_ Join SharePoint MVP Dux Raymond Sy in this interactive customer panel session with Best Buy, Nationwide Insurance and Trek Bikes as these leading organizations share proven strategies on how you can drive sustainable SharePoint adoption in your organization. More importantly, you’ll learn pragmatic adoption techniques, lessons learned, investments made and the key benefits you can reap from an engaged community of users. _x000D_
More than 90% of the content accessed via SharePoint is stored in SQL Server and without the correct configuration of SQL Server it can have a detrimental impact on the performance of SharePoint. Regardless of whether you have a dedicated Database Admin (DBA), or the SharePoint administrator is also the DBA, there are critical SQL Server configurations that can be made to help optimize SharePoint. Often DBA's are familiar with how to manage SQL Server, but may not be familiar with some nuances that SQL Server has when integrated with SharePoint. In this session we will demonstrate how some default SQL Server settings negatively impact SharePoint and what changes can be made to improve the performance of SharePoint. These changes include database file settings and SQL Server instance settings. We'll also examine how to properly install SQL Server and SharePoint so they work together as efficiently as possible. This discussion will introduce the Best Practices framework that will allow your SharePoint administrator and/or your DBA to configure SharePoint and SQL Server to provide optimal performance for your SharePoint implementation.
Information Architecture (IA) for a large organization is often as complex as a twisting labyrinth. In this session, we will explain, and demonstrate, why a good IA design is important for search and also provide best practices on how to plan, maintain and govern. We will also demonstrate how search provides the building blocks (entity extraction, metadata processing, etc..) for improving knowledge management and discovery scenarios for people and content.
Session goes into detail about what is new in SharePoint 2013 BCS discussing the new API, Usages, Security, Authentication and Providers. The session will detail discussions around how IT Pros can set up their own OData Feeds of Company Data detailing implications around consuming and publishing OData feeds that are both Internal and External. We will also discuss how to set up and use Power View Reporting in SharePoint where the data is being fed by BCS against an OData Source.
The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) is considered the premier center for visual arts in the Northwestern United States. SAM’s website gets 180,000 unique visits each month – 6,000 per day – and attracts members, visitors and educators, each with their own explore and discover user scenario. In March 2014, SAM is launching a new external website built on SharePoint 2013, proving that art and function go together beautifully. Learn how the SAM website leverages the new 2013 features such as search-driven content, Managed Metadata navigation, and Business Connectivity Services (BCS), all delivered in a fully responsive website. Join SAM in an exciting walk-through of the site and learn how the SharePoint features bring added value to the museum’s mission to educate, inform and be responsive. Come with questions so that you leave the session armed to take full advantage of SharePoint for your own needs.
Migrating your existing environment to a new SharePoint Online environment requires design and planning. A successful approach should include content triage, customization triage, migration planning, and migration events. Join us in this session where we describe a prescriptive approach that empowers you to better plan and execute your move to SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business._x000D_
Creating designs to respond and work with multiple browsers and device types has become critical to broad usage and adoption. As we examine the concepts behind Responsive Design, you will learn the best ways to apply this to your SharePoint sites and which challenges you will face. In this session you will receive real world examples of the approach to design and development as well as real world challenges and examples of Responsive Design for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online.
Excel has been able to import data for a long time. Power Pivot allowed you to import data from more sources into the far more powerful and efficient xVelocity engine. These are fairly straightforward extraction and loading functions. However, any real data shaping functions have always been left to proper ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) products like SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Power Query adds the "T" part of ETL to Excel and the "Power" line of BI products. This session will demonstrate several of the new options available to data import with Power Query, and walk a real-world data acquisition scenario to demonstrate the unique capabilities of Power Query. When complete, the query will be published into Power BI, where some of the new discoverability features will be shown. After attending this session, you should have a good idea of what Power Query is, where and how it can be used, and what it can do._x000D_

Social software is evolving from being a way to simply post status updates, share news and ask questions, to collaborative applications designed to enhance a specific business process such as sales, marketing or engineering. Please join Alan Lepofsky, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research and Steve Novoselac, Technology Director at Trek Bikes in a conversation around Purposeful Collaboration and the business benefits this can provide.

Please attend this unique session to see how BI IT groups can enable self-service BI for thousands of business users using Microsoft BI stack. Learn how IT can enable business users to consume terabytes of data and thousands of reports from the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with proper governance. IT can get better requirements for next generation reporting and BI by monitoring data assets and their usage. We will also talk about the business steward and end user experience related to data and query sharing. Live demos include Power Query data sharing, data catalog experience, Power BI data refresh, Power Pivot management dashboard, Consolidated Business Intelligence Sharepoint Report Catalog etc. We will share two real world case studies about governance with self-service BI . First case study is from Microsoft Incubation Sales Business team about deploying Power Pivot and SharePoint BI as a service for 1500+ Microsoft sellers worldwide while consuming data as a service (using Power Query) from Microsoft IT EDW. Second case study is about Microsoft IT delivering BI to the masses (40,000+ users, 100+ applications, 5+ years in production) while implementing governance using a single enterprise report catalog with a BI portal.

Come see how we reimagined search and discovery across Office with Codename Oslo, powered by the Office Graph. Oslo enables you to work like a network, by proactively surfacing the best and relevant information across Office, tailored just for you. Learn how Office Graph transforms Office, with suite wide insights and machine learning.

The SharePoint Theming Engine is a powerful tool to customize the look and feel of your SharePoint sites without investing in a custom master page. Join two SharePoint product group engineers for a deep dive into some of the lesser-known features of the theming engine; including image colorization, hooking up your site logo to theming, and using custom font schemes and WebFonts.
During this session, we’ll show you real world examples of SharePoint 2013 portals that utilize search, personalization and responsive design to deliver engaging user experiences. We’ll discuss how mobile adaptive and responsive designs can co-exist and how each can be accomplished while utilizing the SharePoint platform. Finally, we’ll discuss best practices in designing your portal for performance and scalability.
This session will delve into examples and patterns for cloud app model transitions (full-trust code transformed into the cloud app model). We'll review a real customer example where deployment was based on 500k lines of server-side code and classic feature framework elements. This session will use the real project to demonstrate the patterns, findings, and learnings on this transition from solution to app._x000D_

Discover insights in your data and share them with your team on the go. Infragistics provides mobile access to amazing dashboards while connecting you with your team through SharePoint. From Data to insights – you need to import your data from anywhere to help you find the insights behind the numbers. With stunning dashboards, you need to be able to see what powers your business. Mobile Collaboration - Take those insights and share them with your team. With mobile SharePoint support, you'll have access to all of your documents from your mobile device. We’ll show you how to simplify Analytics and Collaboration.

This session will cover the geospatial intelligence features across Office and SQL and present an integrated solution to help uncover insights based on location and geography. _x000D_
Whether for employee training, marketing, corporate communication, or customer service, video content is in demand. SharePoint 2013 introduced improvements to video management, but there remain some fundamental challenges with this content type. Video files can be large and unwieldy, there are multiple formats and devices to contend with, and lack of metadata severely limits search ability. In this session, we will demonstrate how to easily extend the out-of-the-box capabilities of SharePoint 2013 to enable a full-featured enterprise video platform with "deep" video search, rich social integration, and highly interactive player experiences. We will also review specific use cases for enterprise video with SharePoint.
This session will cover the fundamentals of REST and ODATA and show how to use the SharePoint REST API to perform CRUD operations with the jQuery library to create and query SharePoint objects such as sites, lists and list items._x000D_
Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Governance, and Mobile tools are key priorities for every organization small and large. The challenge for IT Professionals is tying it all together into SharePoint, and making sure the solution is functional, intuitive, and scalable. In this session we’ll review ECM and Governance, and then see a live case study showing how to tie these all together in a solution that users can take advantage from whether they’re in the office, on the road, and regardless of what version of SharePoint is being used by the organization.
SharePoint 2013 introduces new techniques for presenting search results. This session teaches you two of the primary techniques you can use with SharePoint 2013 to present search results in new powerful ways using Display Templates and Query Rules. In this session you will learn how to:_x000D_ • Improve the presentation of search results_x000D_ • Debug Display Templates_x000D_ • Create custom refiners_x000D_ • Implement Query Rules to present meaningful results_x000D_ • Augment the search results by calling external services_x000D_ _x000D_ This session is demo heavy and includes out of the box options as well as JavaScript. It's not just for developers!_x000D_
This roundtable discussion will be hosted by Bamboo Solutions and feature a panel of special guests including world-renowned SharePoint experts.  Discussing the role of thought leadership, demonstrating its application to SharePoint 2013, and extrapolating on future developments and trends pertaining to the platform and the industry, invited guests include SharePoint MVPs, CEOs, and community leaders who have participated (or will participate) in the SharePoint Leadership Forum.  _x000D_ Designed to encourage audience participation, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to add your voice to the SPC discussion and interact with the experts.
Learn how you can customize search in Office 365 using Standard HTML and JavaScript techniques. Demonstrate the use of Bing Maps search utilizing Geographical Information to visualize data hosted in Azure SQL Database. Discover tools and techniques used to build search solutions for your organization in an online or on premise architecture.
SharePoint incorporates some very powerful search capabilities, yet most search projects fail and organizations are still dissatisfied with the state of search within their environment. Why? Because they are stuck in the "Search Immaturity Cycle" and lack the essential ingredients for success. Organizations that have been successful with search and Search-Driven Applications experience remarkable value with a vastly improved user experience. This session will demonstrate how to strategically approach search initiatives - dramatically accelerating time-to-value, reducing the risk of failure, and reducing the costs of development, deployment and operation.  We will highlight BA Insight's technology and the methodology for the successful implementation of search projects._x000D_ Using a fun, interactive approach, we'll pose a series of challenges and show how to solve them with SharePoint 2013 and BA Insight.  You will leave this session with a some insights that you can apply immediately, as well as an understanding for how to successfully leverage the BA Insight platform.
A hybrid SharePoint environment is composed of an on-premises deployment of SharePoint Server 2013 and a SharePoint Online tenant in Office 365. In such an environment, the SharePoint Server 2013 search index and the SharePoint Online search index typically contain different content. The SharePoint Server 2013 search index may contain crawled content from local SharePoint Server sites, file shares, and other sources. The SharePoint Online search index can contain crawled content only from SharePoint Online sites. A hybrid Search approach enables end users to get and view search results from both indexes from a single search query. In this session you'll learn about considerations when configuring hybrid search, best practices, and deployment and implementation recommendations.
The proliferation of mobile devices, cloud technologies, and collaboration platforms has greatly empowered information workers to create and consume content like never before. As a result, organizations face unprecedented growth in unstructured data, or “dark data,” in their file repositories and Microsoft SharePoint deployments – containing a treasure-trove of potentially sensitive and unprotected information. _x000D_ In this interactive session, we’ll share the strategies and solutions available to gain awareness of the risk and business value of this data. Then, don’t miss the five steps necessary to take control of your data to ensure you have a compliant, well-managed SharePoint environment.
The Microsoft Business Connectivity Services (BCS) hybrid deployment scenario allows you to securely publish on-premises data to an external list or app for SharePoint in SharePoint Online. Users can then view and edit the data, depending on the permissions they have. In this session you'll learn about considerations when configuring hybrid BCS implementation, best practices, and deployment recommendations.
Thinking of migrating to the cloud? Scared of the unknown? What does it all mean? What features will you lose? What features will you gain?_x000D_ Is it even worth the effort??? Stop the madness!!?! Okay, so maybe it's time to take a deep breath and start wrapping your head around all the implications of migrating to the cloud._x000D_ _x000D_ In this informational and demo packed session, attendees will learn:_x000D_ _x000D_ - What are some of the new features I'll gain in the cloud?_x000D_ - What are the development options and limitations?_x000D_ - Will I stil have a job as an IT Pro?_x000D_ - What's the Hybrid thing? Azure? Cloud?_x000D_ _x000D_ With solid advice, we'll help you unravel the mysteries of the cloud and give you solid pointers on which sessions you need to attend for a deeper look._x000D_ Whether you are a developer, It Pro, or a business decision maker, there's something in this session for you._x000D_
SharePoint 2013, both in Office 365 and on-premises, provides the ability to customize how list views and forms are displayed using JavaScript and HTML without managed code. This session includes a primer on implementing customizations through the Web interface with examples such as conditional formatting - custom options no longer available through the SharePoint Designer tool.
Small and midsize businesses, planning to virtualize their Microsoft SharePoint deployments, require efficient and flexible shared storage and rapid data protection solutions, just like enterprise customers.  Data backup, replication management, and cost-effective, long-term data retention are especially critical when IT budgets and storage expertise is limited.  Learn how this reference architecture highlights the instant recovery of Microsoft SharePoint Virtual Machines (VMs), leveraging the integration between Veeam Backup & ReplicationTM products and the HP StoreVirtual Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA).  This integration also includes the HP StoreOnce disk-based backup and HP StoreEver Tape solutions.
In this session we will demonstrate how to transform business processes to improve efficiency at both the individual and enterprise level. Demos will be centered on the browser, SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio to automate review processes with Workflow Manager in SharePoint 2013. We will also provide guidance on how to choose between the various tools mentioned above. You don’t want to miss this if you are a developer!
Have you ever said to yourself ”There’s got to be a better way!” Today’s employees spend a considerable amount of time and energy on routine and manual processes, resulting in decreased productivity and workplace satisfaction. Now more than ever, it is critical for business leaders to find innovative ways to encourage and mobilize their teams to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Join Grad Conn, CMO Lead for Microsoft U.S., for a demonstration of how he uses the Microsoft Office 365 Productivity app to automate everyday business communication processes. Grad will share Microsoft’s best practices and demonstrate ideas to help your organization achieve workplace nirvana. As an added bonus – Grad will be giving away Windows 8 Tablet Devices and Office 365 Subscriptions to several lucky attendees!
SharePoint has had the capability of delivering business data to end users for quite some time but relatively few users take advantage of it. Using Business Connectivity Services (BCS), we'll show you how you can index data in your back-end systems including systems hosted by Windows Azure and allow your users to search it. Until now, it wasn't possible to receive alerts on changes to external data. We'll cover how to configure these alerts so your users always have the latest information they need. We'll show you how to deliver customized search results tailored to your business application through the use of SharePoint 2013's new Design Manager feature. If you want to take advantage of the power of SharePoint search in your custom applications, this session is for you._x000D_
AIIM President, John Mancini, will explore three key information management trends facing the user community: 1) why dealing with information chaos is THE most significant challenge facing businesses in the next decade; 2) the causes and effects of this disruption; and 3) how the governance capabilities in Sharepoint can be used to help users and organizations address the challenges of information chaos.
Public facing websites for large organizations generally have very strict Service Level Agreements (SLA) for parameters related to Business Continuity Management (BCM) such as High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR). Such SLAs can't be met with just with HA capabilities of a SharePoint farm or 99.95% uptime offered by Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) using availability sets. In this session we will discuss how to meet such demands by implementing two SharePoint farms on two different Azure IAAS data centers (DC) in hot stand-by DR mode which can failover within minutes. We'll do a demo of the auto-failover feature on a live SharePoint environment and explain how we used combination of technologies, SQL Server Always On, Log shipping, Azure Blob storage, and Azure Traffic Manager (ATM) with some support from .NET and Windows Azure power shell to build the above solution. _x000D_ _x000D_ Geo-redundancy in SharePoint is a relatively less explored area even in the on-premise world. Azure IaaS adds some more challenges such as non-availability of cross-datacenter VNET or AD domain. We'll provide information on how to address these challenges and lay out the available choices on techniques, consequences of the choices, and hidden issues to watch out for in each of these aspects._x000D_
Hear the Microsoft SharePoint team and two customers talk about the benefits of connecting your line of business applications with SharePoint to create Business-Critical SharePoint (BCSP) solutions to improve business processes, boost team productivity, and reduce business risk. Bridge the gaps across your existing systems and teams, and provide an entirely new search experience with intelligent results tailored to you from any source. Make better decisions based on relevant and timely information while ensuring compliance around core business processes. Increase return on investment through faster time-to-market, process efficiencies, reduced risk, and lower IT total cost of ownership. Hear from the Richland Police Chief how SharePoint helps increase policing time and reduce administrative tasks. Learn how DLA Piper, the world largest law firm drives efficiency through search-driven SharePoint applications.
We will showcase the primary objectives Nationwide set out to accomplish with the creation of its award winning consumer-driven intranet, SPOT. SPOT combines the best of SharePoint 2013 on-premises with an actively used, integrated Yammer experience (>30,000 users). The session will focus on early design thinking, product planning, modern development techniques and execution. We will also highlight the benefits to our associates and showcase how our IT product team continuously innovates to further the SPOT investments. We'll show demos, screenshots and have a number of our technical staff on hand for your hardest "know-how" questions.
'The cloud.' Obviously, a significant consideration for every executive, business leader, decision maker and platform owner. As soon as the words are mentioned, there are aspirational visions of the potential for the cloud, concerns ranging from security to data sovereignty to manageability, and there is a raucous hype of promises, fears, uncertainty, and doubt. How can you align the dynamic nature of the cloud with your strategic objectives? How can you drive your business to optimize value and risk? What are the concerns of your peers and what have they done to address those concerns? In this unique session, we will share a thoughtful, business-centric strategic approach to reimagining service delivery in this brave new hybrid world. You'll explore the challenges and benefits of the cloud from a SharePoint perspective, but the prescriptive guidance you take away will help you manage on-premise and cloud services of any kind.
Microsoft and SAP have a suite of current solutions and services that help organizations integrate SAP business data and processes with SharePoint and Office 365. While these current services will meet the needs of organizations for years to come, work practices are changing. Now more than ever, users need easy, quick and reliable access to data from the organization’s SAP systems, and businesses must react quickly to ever changing market requirements. The next generation of integration between Microsoft and SAP lays the foundation for rapid development, customization, and deployment of solutions for today and tomorrow’s business environments. In this session we’ll review current integration strategies and share the foundational bets we’re jointly making for tomorrow. _x000D_
In this fast-paced session we’ll look at a spectrum of approaches to driving business value. We will begin with internal wins for overhead reduction and knowledge worker productivity and then explore innovative opportunities for deriving value from external data and delivering actionable insights. Examining a variety of industries and stages of SharePoint maturity, we will highlight strategies and company examples demonstrating business growth through application of the SharePoint platform.
Are your customers interested in trying out Office365, but still keeping most of their collaboration assets and data on-premises? Are they asking you to provide a single way to find content regardless of where it lives? This session will arm you with the information necessary to help your customers plan Hybrid deployments – connecting SharePoint 2013 on-premises with Office365 – and enabling a comprehensive Search experience that spans the two. You’ll learn about Search in SharePoint 2013 capabilities in O365, as well as new out-of-box hybrid capabilities that make this scenario much easier to enable then before._x000D_
This session will focus on why organizations realize that they have to rethink their work and communication styles to stay competitive. They must become more responsive to an ever-changing environment and their fluctuating customer needs. Innovative companies assess their own workplace, encourage employees to act beyond their job descriptions, and then empower individuals to be creative and collaborative beyond the normal work routine. This session will uncover the simple secrets to becoming responsive in this new era of business.

In almost all collaborative environments there is the need to repeatedly create sites based on some sort of template. Web Templates provide a great way to create templates for sites in SharePoint, both for on-premises environments and Office 365. In some cases though, using a programmatic approach to creating new sites might be a more sustainable approach. In this session several different site provisioning techniques will be explained and compared and examples of the best approach in different scenarios will be discussed.

Building business apps in SharePoint, big or small, shouldn’t be a trade-off between on-premises or cloud, Visual Studio or SPD, citizen developer or technical developer. It should be about rapidly delivering solutions that solve business challenges._x000D_ K2 empowers organizations to build workflow apps for SharePoint with rich forms, powerful workflows and access to all your existing information. Learn how K2’s immersive SharePoint experience enables you to rapidly build everything from simple documents and item workflows to _x000D_ Business Critical SharePoint solutions that span LOB systems on a single enterprise platform; on-premises or in the cloud.

Update: Microsoft's guidance about app updating has changed since this video was made. The video is still valuable as an overview of the process and how your update logic should be designed. However, you should disregard particular details of code and XML markup. Some of it is no longer recommended. Instead, see the MSDN topic "App for SharePoint update process" and it's child topics.

Eventually nearly all apps for SharePoint will need to be updated, either to fix a bug or to add new features. The process can be surprisingly tricky and there are several gotchas developers need to be aware of. For example, there are scenarios in which a developers update logic must catch errors, but there are certain situations where the logic must deliberately NOT catch the errors. You need to plan for these gotchas when designing the first version of the app. Moreover, the update story varies depending on the type of app (SP-hosted, provider-hosted or autohosted), and on whether it is multi- or single-tenant. Depending on the architecture of the app, you may need to create update logic in some, or ALL, of the following T-SQL, CAML, JavaScript, and managed code. This session will shed light on the trickery and make the illogical, logical. 

Laura Rogers is a respected SharePoint professional who's been empowering people with no code solutions for many years.  Join  her as she shares with us her perceptions of the future of no code solutions and how she approaches getting business value to her customers quickly and easily with SharePoint.  Get more information by checking out her session SPC215 and reading her blog.

Find resources from Laura's sessions at

This session was hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT.

Guests Alex Pearce of BFC Networks and educators Lou Zulli and Alan Crawford share with us their stories of what Office 365 is doing for students in all areas of education. With over 110 million seats of Office 365 given away for free students are getting real world experience in tools that will help them land jobs in the future.  Hear educators Lou and Alan talk about their plans for an international alliance between their schools with Office 365 tools to further the educational goals of their students. 

E2 plans of Office 365 is free to educators. Get more information and register for your free licenses at  Hear more in SharePoint Conference sessions #SPC2994 and #SPC2016.

This session was hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT.

Women in SharePoint is a powerful organization that provides career mentoring, support and camaraderie to women in the SharePoint technology space.  Founded 4 years ago, Women in SharePoint events don't exclude men but instead provide a place where "iron sharpens iron" as said by one of our guests Advisory Board member, Jennifer Mason. All levels of SharePoint expertise are encourages to participate.  Joined by Board members Cathy Dew, Lori Gowin and Advisory Board member Mirjam van Olst hear the story of their growth, challenges and upcoming events. 

Session hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

The SPYam Yammer network is a vibrant place to discuss everything SharePoint and beyond.  Founded by Joel Oleson and Noah Sparks it was one of the first Yammer networks dedicated to our space.  Naomi Moneypenny joins us as we discuss its history and future in this segment.  To join the conversation click through to the SPYam network.

This segment was hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT.

Join the Houston SharePoint User Group organizing committee including Theresa Eller, Troy Lanphier, Naomi Moneypenny and Mark Freeman as they share how they have built and managed a successful SPUG.  With two simultaneous tracks and little sale pitches they embody best practices in SharePoint community.  If you are in the local area get involved at

This segment was hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

Jeff Medford of Microsoft visits SPCtv to discuss how we've captured our years of learning in cloud deployments into  a free deployment guidance site for moving ot the cloud.  Starting small and increasing complexity over time allows organizations to see immediate benefit from Office 365 while minimizing risks.  The power of the suite is unlocked in a practical manner so people can get hands on experience with the tools. 

This segment was hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

Yes, its true.  The future of forms is changing along with many of the solutions in our space. What has not changed is our need to land valuable business solutions.  Join Sonya Koptyev (Office 365 team), Greg Lindhorst (Access Team) from Microsoft and MVP developer Corey Roth as they share a product group and developer perspective on this changing landscape. Get an overview of the new solutions and Microsoft's plans for the future. InfoPath will remain supported for ten more years but we have some new decisions to make when selecting and implementing forms. 

Most important the Microsoft product teams are listening to their customers.  You can submit feature requests and vote on those submitted by others at  Learn more about these insights in conference session #SPC348 and visit Corey's blog.

This segment was hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT


Join Matthew McDermott and Mikael Svenson as they discuss some practical methods to enhance the user experience and relevancy of enterprise search.  They give us insights into best practices around best bets, display templates, query rules and other technology that exists today in our search deployments. 


If you missed it, check out their sessions #SPC322 and #SPC382 for more information.  You can also visit Matthew's blog at and Mikael's at


This segment was hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

Join Christian Buckley, Jeff Shuey, Ro Kolakowski and Barb Campbell as they discuss the benefits of participating in the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) group.  Connections, collaboration and education are just a part of what local chapters offer. Barb discusses the Women in Technology group within IAMCP.  If you are any size partner this segment is for you. Visit the website to learn more.

Segment hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

SharePoint community is global.  Debbie Ireland, Brendon Ford, Brian Farnhill and Elain van Bergen join us to share their experiences building community in New Zealand, Australia and other locations.  Their portal serves as a home for their SPUG's and their upcoming conferences in July.  Their close knit community provides a hub for speakers and education across a vast amount of distance.  Their site provides central funding and a home for user groups in the area.

Segment hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

Learn about the unique Chicago SharePoint Developers User Group that was co-founded by Doug Hemminger and other dedicated community leaders.  Doug and team have created a environment where developers education needs are met without detracting from the sister Chicago SPUG.  Follow them on Twitter at @CHDevSpug to learn more.

Segment hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT


Join Microsoft IT as they discuss a variety of issues regarding cloud migration, enterprise governance and publishing and the connection between great tagging and finding your content.  This is the team accountable for the strategy and implementation of one of the world's largest SharePoint environments both on prem and now in the cloud.  Leader Christian Wylde is joined by Sean Squires, Carrie Doring and Pam Green. 

Follow the Twitter tag #RealWorldIT to learn more.

Segment hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

Guest John White (@diverdown1964) CTO and Co-founder of UnlimitedViz discusses the roadmap to understanding and implementing BI with the new stack from Microsoft.  Learn about the power, capabilities, and new features with Business Intelligence in SharePoint, Office 365 and the BI stack including PowerBI. John helps customer to weave their way through some of the complexities of this space to landing early business value that creates a hands on experience of the new tools.

Stay up to date with John's knowledge on his blog, The White Pages

Hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

The public facing web site in an Office 365 has very limited functionality compared to a fill-fledged SharePoint publishing site, but there are a few things you can do to build out a successful site if you're a small business looking for a simple billboard site about your business. Join guest Becky Bertram from Saavy Technical Solutions as she discusses her own journey in configuring her public facing website with Office 365. 

Hosted by Karuana Gatimu from Microsoft IT

In this session we'll talk to the organizers behind the SP24Conf community and its upcoming conference. This will be a global 24 hour virtual conference with speaker from all levels of SharePoint expertise, completely free for attendees, to view in their own time zone. Guests Stefan Bauer (@stfbauer), Matthis Einig (@mattein), Vlad Catrinescu (@vladcatrinescu) and Paul Gallagher (@spgally) discuss the reasons they selected this unique format.

Learn more at

Hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

During this session the founders will share the story of how their community grew from 0 to 5500 members in just under a year.  They share the tips and tricks on how they managed to build this great community as well as share general community building tips. Their global, interactive site is home to all levels of SharePoint members who ask questions, learn about SharePoint and contribute to each other. 

Thanks to Brad Shannon (@bradshannon), Vlad Catrinescu (@vladcatrinescu), Jasjit Chopra (@jasjitchopra) and Wendy Neal (@SharePointWendy)

Connect with them at @sharepointpart or

Hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT


Listen to the organizers of SPS Events (formerly SharePoint Saturdays) talk about the changes to the SharePoint community and their organization.  Their new site links SharePoint community members around the globe to content, best practices and people in their local area who are enthusiastic about SharePoint and continuing their education.

SharePoint Saturday events are free to attendees, sponsored by great companies within the industry and both in person and virtual. 

Thanx to Eric Harlan (@ericharlan), Susan Lennon (@susanlennon) and Tasha Scott (@tashasev) for joining us from the floor of SharePoint Conference 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.

Connect with them at @sps_events or

Hosted by Karuana Gatimu of Microsoft IT

Join Jeff Teper and the Microsoft SharePoint team for the opening keynote of SharePoint Conference 2014. The keynote will introduce the main themes of the conference and highlight new innovations across SharePoint, Yammer and Office 365.


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While running PowerShell scripts on a SharePoint Server you might encounter this error “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”

Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

The error is really not self-explanatory, however the only problem is that you don’t have enough permissions on the Site or Web in question. Even if you are a farm admin and local admin on the server, some SharePoint PowerShell Commands will not allow you to run at the SITE or Web level.

Easiest way to fix it, since you already have access to the server, give yourself Full Control at the Web Application Level (in User Policy) and you shouldn’t have this problem anymore!

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When creating a new Web Application in SharePoint 2013 you might get this message in the “pop up” window: Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage like in the following ScreenShot:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage when creating new Web Application in SharePoint 2013

This is usually because you either have too many Web Applications in your SharePoint Server, or because your SharePoint Server is slow! As part of the Web Application creation process, SharePoint resets IIS. By Default, the application pool only allows for 90 seconds for all the connections to close before it down by force. If you got this message it’s because 90 seconds wasn’t enough and we need to increase that limit.

The solution to this is to allow the process a longer amount of time before it is forcibly shutdown.

  • On the server(s) hosting Central Admin, open IIS manager.
  • In the tree view, expand the server name and click on Application Pools.
  • Locate the SharePoint Central Administration v4 application pool. Right click on it and choose Advanced Settings.

  • In the Process Model section, set the Shutdown Time Limit to a greater value. As an example, 300.

  • Restart IIS.

You should now be able to create Web Applications without any troubles!

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Every two months, Microsoft releases Cumulative Updates for SharePoint 2010 and 2013. The October Cumulative Updates for both SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 have been released and here are the download links and KB articles for both products in one easy location!

SharePoint 2013 October Cumulative Update

October Cumulative Updates

The October 2013 Cumulative Update brings SharePoint 2013 to Build Number 15.0.4551.1001


SharePoint Foundation 2013- KB 2825674

SharePoint Server 2013 – KB 2825647

Project Server – KB 2825650

Office Web Apps – KB 2825686


SharePoint Foundation 2013

SharePoint Server 2013

Project Server

Office Web Apps

SharePoint 2010 October Cumulative Update

The October 2013 Cumulative Update brings SharePoint 2010 to Build Number 14.0.7110.5000


SharePoint Foundation 2010- KB 2825824

SharePoint Server 2010 – KB 2825786

SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server – KB 2825793


SharePoint Foundation 2010

SharePoint Server 2010

SharePoint Server 2010 with Project Server

Did you install this cumulative Update? Did it introduce any new bugs or having any problems… make sure you write it in the comments!

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Leave  a comment and don’t forget to like us on Facebook here and to follow me on Google+ here and on Twitter here  for the latest news and technical articles on SharePoint.  Also, don’t forget to check out SharePoint Community.Net for more great SharePoint Content

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If you currently have a SharePoint 2010 Environment that is not up to Service Pack 2, you are out of luck since Microsoft pulled the plug on the RTM language packs and replaced them with Language Pack + SP2 ones. In this post we’re going to take a look at how to deploy a new language to a pre-sp2 SharePoint 2010 environment.

SharePoint 2010 RTM Language Packs

The first thing I tested obviously is install the language pack on a SharePoint 2010 that is only patched up to Service Pack 1…and to my surprise… it actually worked and the Configuration Wizard didn’t give me any “version mismatch” errors. However, when you look at the patch levels you realize that it’s way off. The Language Pack is now at 14.0.7015.1000 (SP2) while the rest of SharePoint 2010 is at 14.0.6029 (SP1). In my opinion, the Configuration Wizard should not have worked, however it did and strangely I was able to create a new Site Collection with a French Template.

Even if it works, I don’t think you should leave it like that and you should follow the following procedure in order to get a proper Language Pack Installation. Start with the downloaded LanguagePack executable, in our case “ServerLanguagePack_SP2_fr-fr”. Open a Command prompt window as an administrator and navigate to the place where your executable is and run this command

ServerLanguagePack_SP2_fr-fr /extract:C:\temp\

After it’s done, you should have a dialog like this in the language of your Language Pack.

Now if we go in C:\Temp, we will see the extracted language pack!

The only difference between this language pack and the RTM language Pack is what’s inside the Updates folder! Notice they are all modified in July 2013… when the SP2 came out! Once you delete those files, you actually have an RTM language pack ready to install.

If you want to slipstream Service pack 1 of the Language Pack in the install, you can actually download it and extract it (Same procedure as for the LP) in the Updates Folder. It will look something like this:

And you will have stuff again in C:\Temp\Updates. (Notice they are all last modified in 2011… you should have no more 2013 there) Now to install the language pack, just run the setup.exe in C:\Temp and then run the Configuration Wizard and the Language Pack will be at SP1 level.

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