SharePoint Hybrid Picker does not run prerequisite checker

SharePoint Hybrid Picker does not run prerequisite checker

While I was configuring a hybrid SharePoint Server 2019 farm using the Hybrid Picker, I got into an annoying little error that the Hybrid Configuration Wizard was not doing anything on the “Checking prerequisites” phase, just an empty screen like the one you see below:

SharePoint Hybrid Picker

And when you go to the next screen, there are no features that are available, because the prerequisite checker didn’t verify anything .

SharePoint Hybrid Picker

One of the first thing I tried, as every good admin, is to try and run the app as an Administrator! However, trying to run it as an administrator using the normal, right click way didn’t even star the application! Luckily, PowerShell to the rescue!

If you’re having troubles like I did, open up PowerShell as an Administrator and simply run the following cmdlet, of course replacing the path with your path to the Hybrid Config Wizard!

The app should now open as an admin, and prerequisite checker work like a charm!

SharePoint Hybrid Picker

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Whilst the above is absolutely correct and will allow you to get to the Check Prerequisites screen I had a lot of trouble finding the correct path to the “.appref-ms” file. I downloaded the ‘HydridSPSetup.exe’ to my ‘Downloads’ so I presumed this is where the “.appre-ms” would be, perhaps as a hidden file.

I finally resorted to using search inside the ‘C:\Users\’ directory to find that on my W2012 server this was in ‘C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Corporation\Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Configuration Wizard.appref-ms’ so changing the path to this got it running.

Hope this makes someones life smoother looking for the next person.


I have a somewhat similar yet different frustration that even running as an admin (using the appdata path above) isn’t correcting. Even though it succeeds with green arrows on my selections it throws a warning when I select close button. ‘If you cancel, you need to launch the SharePoint Hybrid Configuration Wizard again…’ as if it is not completely configured.

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