Certifications for SharePoint 2019 and Office 365 Teamwork aspect have been released!

Certifications for SharePoint 2019 and Office 365 Teamwork aspect have been released!

If you are a SharePoint person and one of your 2019 resolutions was to get a Microsoft Certification in 2019 you’re in luck, Microsoft just released the details for the two exams required to be a Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate .

Certifications for SharePoint 2019 & Office 365 Teamwork are out!

The two exams you need to get this certification are:

Alternatively, if you are already certified in SharePoint Server 2016 with the 70-339 exam, you could do the following exam only:

  • Exam MS-302 – Microsoft 365 Teamwork Administrator Certification Transition

This exam is a mix of both MS-300 and MS-301, but it allows you to only pay for one exam to get this latest certification!

Exam Details

Let’s look at the exams and what they cover! The first exam, the MS-300 really focuses on Office 365 and covers collaboration services such as SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Teams , Yammer and Stream! Here is a high level overview of the objectives:

  1. Configure and Manage SharePoint Online (35-40%)
  2. Configure and Manage OneDrive for Business (25-30%)
  3. Configure and Manage Teams (20-25%)
  4. Configure and Manage Workload Integrations (15-20%)

As you can see, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Teams take between 80 and 95% of the exam, while the other workloads such as Yammer, Stream, Flow, PowerApps and so on only take between 15 and 20% .

The second exam , the MS-301 is focused on SharePoint Server 2019 and Hybrid scenarios. Here are the high-level objectives:

  1. Configure and Manage SharePoint On-Premises (55-60%)
  2. Configure and Manage Hybrid Scenarios (30-35%)
  3. Migrate to SharePoint Online (5-10%)

Half of the course is focusing purely On-Premises in installing, configuring and managing SharePoint 2019, while 30% of it is on SharePoint Hybrid, so definitely something you need to master in order to pass this exam. The Migrating to SharePoint Online part is a smaller percentage than what I would have thought, but you will need to know the SharePoint Migration Tool and the SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool to get those points.

Beta Codes and Transition Exam Deadline

Update: All 3 exams are out of beta, so codes do not work any more!

To finish off, a few important details about the exam, especially if you ready this while this blog post is hot off the (Word)press! You can take the Beta exams for 33 USD Each using the following codes:

  • Exam MS-300 – CODE: MS300Season
  • Exam MS-301 – CODE: MS301Rocks
  • Exam MS-302 – CODE: MS302TravelKLS

You can use these codes to register for the exams on or before February 13, 2019, and you must take the exams on or before February 15, 2019.

Certifications for SharePoint 2019 & Office 365 Teamwork are out!

If you have already passed the 70-339 , then only doing the MS-302 will give you the certification. However, the MS-302: Microsoft 365 Teamwork Administrator Certification Transition is retiring on September 30th, 2019. If you are planning to take 70-339, do it soon! Then, take MS-302 while you still can to become a Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator!

I have signed up for both exams , and I am looking forward to test out the Betas! Let me know in the comments if you plan to take them as well!


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Hemant Basavapattan


Hi Vlad, do you have any study guide for these exams?

Exam MS-300 – Deploying Microsoft 365 Teamwork
Exam MS-301 – Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid

Thank you so much!! best regards!!

Hello Eduardo, not yet! I am taking them both in the next two weeks and hope to build them after!

I would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

The MS301 code is wrong. It should read MS301Rocks

Thanks for sharing. Please send details then you pass these exams which you did for 339 exam.

Is there a reason there doesn’t appear to be an official Microsoft page regarding the qualification for Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate ?

when reading “However, the MS-302: Microsoft 365 Teamwork Administrator Certification Transition is retiring on July 31, 2019”, should we actually understand it’s the 70-339 exam that retires on July 31 ?

The 70-339 is not announced as retiring anytime soon (the 2013 exams are just retiring in 2019), however, July 31 is the last day for people to get the Teamwork Administration Certification with the 70-339 + MS-302. After this date, even people with the 70-339 will have to do the MS-300 + MS-301!

If you take the ‘beta’ exams do you still earn certification, or do you need to wait until they aren’t beta?

If you pass the beta exams you are good to go, don’t need to retake them!

Hello Vlad,

This is great news !

Maybe you can guide me : I would like to take exam MS-302 (yes I have passed 70-339) and I usually buy Microsoft Press Exam Ref books to prepare. But I don’t beleive it’s available or will be before July 31st. Could you suggest preperation material/books ?

Thank you,

Hello Chantal,

Since the beta is really short (only 1 month) I don’t think I will have time to do a propper study guide for thos exams. When do you plan to take them?

I will try to build up a “Temporary” study guide with 2016 items that didn’t change in 2019, and O365 ressources ! To be updated of course once more SP2019 content is out there!

Thank you for your reply. Well, I’m not sure when I’ll be ready … hopefully in the next couple of months.
I’ll finally probably build my own stydy guide, since I know a lot of stuff already. Let us know how you do on the exams 😉

Hello Vlad always sharing good information! I would like to get more acknowledging and experience with onprem and migration. Any suggestions? Thanks
Lina Ocampo

Hello Lina,

Take a look at Pluralsight they have a lot of SP2016 content that also mostly applies to 2019 as well > https://app.pluralsight.com/library/search?q=SharePoint%202016

For Migration specific to SPO, check out this course! > https://app.pluralsight.com/library/courses/migrating-to-sharepoint-online/table-of-contents

hope this helps!

There are no examinations for developers, only administrators and architects 🙁

Unfortunately it looks that so far the only thing they have for devs is Azure 🙁


Do you have any recommendations for materials what we should study for these exams?

I didn’t have time to build the study guides yet :(. I am doing the exams on Jan 24 (Damm that’s tomorrow!) and Feb 4th, and plan to do the study guides after that!

Svetlana Avramova

Good luck on the exams tomorrow! And thank you so much for your guidelines. I have registered for the exams as well. I have a question, but no rush to answer it, until later:) Do we need to pass the two other MCSE exams from the learning path as prerequisites, in order to get the MCSA?

Thanks! First one done 🙂 (but no results yet since it’s Beta, we’ll only know if I did good sometime end of March!). There is no more MCSA really, it’s a “MCA” now (Microsoft Certified Associate) and you don’t need any of the old ones! The two choices are either

MS300 + MS301 = MCA
70-339 + MS302 = MCA

Hope this helps!

Hi Vlad,

thanks for the information , i have passed 70-339, registered for the MS-302

is material available for the same ? could you please suggest the preparation plan


Hello again,
I plan on doing exam MS-302, but I see a big difference between the « skills measured » in that exam and the « skills measured » in the MS-300 and MS-301 exams.
Which are the ones I should use to prepare ? Are the ones in MS-302 enough ?

Thank you,

Hello Chantal,

If you want to take the MS-302 you should look at the list of skills over here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/exam-ms-302.aspx , that’s what will be on the exam!


Vlad hello, i have passed 70-331, 70-332, 70-339 it makes sense to take MS-301?

I would go for the MS-302 so you get the new cert.. the MS-301 will not give you any title if that’s important for you!

Hi Vlad, You have study materials for MS-302

Here’s the first study guide, the MS-300 Study Guide! (which is a big part of MS-300) Let me know what you think! > https://absolute-sharepoint.com/ms-300-study-guide-deploying-microsoft-365-teamwork

I signed up for all of them.

I am looking into taking the MS-302. Any word on when it will come out of beta?

There is no official date yet, I wish I knew as well!

Registred, thanks a lot Vlad,
Next stop the MCSA Team Work


Have you received any results from the Beta 302 test yet? Took mine 2/15 and it appears the real test has been published.

Not yet :(. It might take up to two weeks after it’s live so we get results.

I am waiting as well!

Hi !
Have you done (or you think that you will do ) a guide for MS-300 and MS-301 exams ?

Working on it .. aiming first week of May for the MS-300 + 301!

PASSED 302! Teamwork Administrator Certified 🙂

Dear Vlad,

I just got my results and amazingly passed with no practise questions, thanks to your post for highlighting the beta discount I saved alot of money. If you dont have your results they should arrive very soon.

Really glad I could help! Congratz on passing the exam!

Dear Vlad,

I have to thank you for this post, and highlighting the beta exams. The standard exam price has grown so high now….

Good news – thanks to your tips, I actually passed both the beta exams which is a fantastic result (especially as there were no example questions example). Results should be out now for everyone, or very shortly.

Congratulations and really glad I could help 🙂

Hi Vlad,

I have not done any certification on sharepoint. But i would like to do certification on Office 356 development and azure development
Can you suggest me correct exam code for these and also suggest me some useful guide and links.

There is currently no O365 certification for developpers :(. For Azure, you could look at taking the AZ-203.

Vlad Correction for you site:

Exam MS-302: Microsoft 365 Teamwork Administrator Certification Transition

Retires: September 30, 2019

They have updated it after my blog it seems! Thanks for the note, I have updated the blog!

Hey Vlad,

First thing first, thanks for your up to date info on certifications. I wanted to know from you that as professional SP Admin should i go for 70-339 exam now?? Kindly also let me know the path for achieving MCSE for SP 2016 and when it is going to get retired?

Thanks for your help.

Hello DC,

If you want to get certified for SP2016, then yes, 70-339 is still the way to go! For SharePoint 2019 it would be MS-301 (+MS-300 in order to get the teamwork cert).

No news yet on when SP2016 one will expire

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