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Community Blast Provided and Sponsored by Datapolis. This information was provided by vendor for community education on Datapolis Workflow 365

Datapolis (, a leading provider of business software announced today the launch of a new tool for creating and managing business processes in Office 365.

Datapolis Workflow 365

Datapolis Workflow 365 is a tool which enables the user to easily create advanced workflows in Office 365. The heart of the solution is a graphical workflow designer based on State workflow architecture, which provides a great environment for creating even the most complex workflows.

Datapolis Workflow 365

No programming knowledge is required to create Datapolis Workflow 365 workflows. Thanks to a clear graphical interface for building processes, the solution is understandable both for business users and IT Pro.

By separating the business logic from the rest of the process, the workflow diagram is very legible, making it easy to implement changes and optimize existing processes.

Datapolis Workflow 365

The unique feature of Datapolis Workflow 365 is the very intuitive user interface that is fully integrated with Office 365 interface so that participation in the process does not require any prior training.

Datapolis Workflow 365 significantly enhances Office 365 business value as a collaborative environment. With the DW365, you can quickly and easily organize your document flow and tasks in an organization that uses Office 365 on everyday basis” – Pawel Bujak, CEO Datapolis

Trial of Datapolis Workflow 365 is available in the Microsoft Office Store:

About Datapolis

Datapolis is the SharePoint workflow company with hundreds of customers across all continents serviced by a network of partners. Datapolis delivers innovative software which empowers organizations to automate business processes.

Please visit for more information.

Datapolis Workflow 365

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This August, I will be traveling to Australia to speak at the Digital Workplace Conference in Sydney!

Digital Workplace Conference

While this is the 8th Digital Workplace Conference (previously known as the SharePoint Conference), it’s my first time attending it and I am really excited to talk about a few awesome topics!

My first session will be on SharePoint Hybrid, for the business user and it’s called What do YOU get from SharePoint Hybrid? There has been a lot of buzz about SharePoint hybrid recently, and a recent study has shown that half of the companies using SharePoint On-Premises currently plan to go in a hybrid model in the next three years. Here is the description:

Every time you see a blog post about SharePoint 2016, you see the word hybrid. But what exactly is a hybrid infrastructure and what features does the business user get?

In this session, we will look at SharePoint Hybrid from a business user point of view to understand what features we get out of it. We will look at Hybrid Team Sites, Hybrid Search, Hybrid Extranet sites and more!

My next session is on something that I love a lot which is PowerShell for Office 365! In this session, you will learn how to connect to Office 365 by using PowerShell, and how to manage your users and licenses, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online as well as Office 365 Groups! This session doesn’t have a lot of slides, but it has a lot of fun demos so for sure you won’t be bored!

Lastly, I have a Pre-Conference workshop on how to automate your business processes by using SharePoint! The Official Title is Automate your Business Processes with Tools from Today and Tomorrow.
Here is the description:

One of the big advantages of implementing SharePoint in the enterprise is process automation. By using Out-of-the-box workflows as well as easy to create custom SharePoint Designer Workflows, Power Users are able to automate processes, avoid repetitive tasks, and boost team productivity.

Furthermore, new tools such as Flow and PowerApps (which are exclusive to Office 365 at the moment) allow you to easily create workflows and forms, and integrate SharePoint with other systems.

In this full-day workshop, you will learn how to use SharePoint Designer, Flow and PowerApps to automate your business processes in SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online.

Hope to see you there! Check out the conference detail and all the other amazing speakers at:

Digital Workplace Conference

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