SharePoint SSRS Add in fails – rsCustomAction.exe failed to configure, Error code is: 1

SharePoint SSRS Add in fails – rsCustomAction.exe failed to configure, Error code is: 1

While configuring SharePoint Server Reporting Services (SSRS) at my client, I had a really strange problem on one of the farms… I couldn’t get the SSRS Addin to install. I tried rebooting, repairing but nothing. After digging out in the logs, I found this funny error message:

CA MSG : rsCustomAction.exe failed to configure, Error code is: 1

CustomAction RSSP_CAInstall_64 returned actual error code 1603 (note this may not be 100% accurate if translation happened inside sandbox)

rsCustomAction.exe failed to configure, Error code is: 1

Also, for the information I was running SQL 2012 SP1 + Windows Server 2012 R2. You might also see something like this in the logs:

Long Story Short, after a lot of googling and asking for help from SQL & SharePoint masters, I found out that the bug is because I had a line commented in the web.config file of a web application. As strange as this may sound, after deleting the commented line, the install went through perfectly. I couldn’t find any official documentation on this, so if this worked for you please share it in the comments!

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Hi Vlad,

I am also facing the same issues, do i need to check on all WFEs , is there any commented line there in web.config. Becuase i have 10 webapplication on my WFEs or do i need to check only on that server where i am installing SSRS.

your help will be appreicated.


I took out comments from all the WFE before reisntalling and it worked. Try the current server, andf if you still get the error, do them all! Please update me on how it goes!


Do i need to restart any of the servers before Reinstalling?

Ramiro Mosquera

1. Install the SharePoint Reporting Services Add-In with Skip Custom Action
rsSharePoint.msi SKIPCA=1 /lx File.log
2. Look for rsCustomAction.exe in your %temp% folder, and execute:
rsCustomAction.exe /i > File2.log

You could check your log file for errors.

Also, check if your web.config files are write protected or have comments , backup the config files and delete the comments.


Same issue.. I follow your instructinos by removing all the commented line in my web.config web applications


Thx 4 sharing

Muhammad Tahir Khan

Vlad Catrinescu,

I use you tec and remove all commented line by web.config now it works fine.


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