Microsoft User CAL prices to increase 15% for OnPrem!

Microsoft User CAL prices to increase 15% for OnPrem!

Last week, Microsoft did a pretty big announcement that will probably impact all organizations around the globe. Starting July 1st, the on-premise User CAL pricing will increase 15%.

CAL prices to increase

With this move, Microsoft further delivers its message of “Mobile First, Cloud First”, by encouraging companies of going with the cloud licensing options (Office 365 Enterprise, Enterprise Mobility Suite and Enterprise Cloud Suite) that offer both online services and on-premises server software!

At first, this may seem like a bad move by Microsoft, who has been criticized of pushing the cloud and forgetting about on premises. However with the new on premises SharePoint, Exchange and Lync versions coming out this year, and with Hybrid promising to be a big part of SharePoint 2016, it might be a good time to review your licensing agreement, so you’re not blocked from going Hybrid only by your licensing team in the coming years! For more information, and how it affects you, make sure you talk to your account managers!

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VLAD – where did you get this information from? Where was the Microsoft announcement made and do you have a reference link or material? And you’re positive it wasn’t NDA info? It’s interesting that there hasn’t been much talk about this at all from Microsoft it if has been publicly dispersed.


You can find it on most of the license vendors such as SoftCat: If no, just search for the increase on google and most license vendors blogged about it!


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