Project Conference 2014 Sessions are now posted online for free!

Project Conference 2014 Sessions are now posted online for free!

A bit late on the announcement, but since most of the SharePoint people have been focusing on SharePoint Conference 2014, not many have realized that Microsoft also posted the Project Conference 2014 sessions online for free. Since many SharePoint Admins also have to manage Project Server, I think this is a pretty relevant topic!

Project Conference 2014 Sessions

To Browse and watch the videos go here:

To download the videos and the slides go here: (coming soon)

Here are all the videos currently posted on channel9! However, before you check them out, make sure you share this with your followers on twitter so they can benefit as well!

Project Conference 2014 Sessions

Sessions for Project Conference 2014

In this keynote, we will share the product roadmap, present the latest in Microsoft Project family of products and our cloud offerings and showcase plenty of demos that will get you charged for the rest of the conference! Prior to his current leadership role, Ludovic was General Manager for the Microsoft Project Business Unit, where his responsibilities led him to run product development and head the strategic direction for the Project business. Ludovic has been involved with the Microsoft Project team since 1994 in various technical leadership roles for the Project and Project Server line of products. Ludovic holds a BS in CS from ESIGELEC, an Electrical Engineering school based in France.

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