SharePoint Saturday Albany 2014 Slides

SharePoint Saturday Albany 2014 Slides

The first SharePoint Saturday in Albany happened over the past weekend and it was truly a great event! I wanted to thank Milena Burns for doing an awesome job at organizing the event alone and it turned out to be great!

I wanted to thank everyone who attended my session on a Saturday evening at 2PM. Even if the Demo Gods didn’t listen to me (I should have sacrificed an old PS2 mouse I guess) , and I had a blue screen right before presenting, you were all very understanding and the feedback was great!

The slides can be found over here, and if you ever need the videos of the demos, don’t hesitate to send me an email! (Email on the last slide)

Also had a great time at the unofficial speaker dinner that took place on Friday and the unofficial SharePint Saturday!

See you all next month in Vegas!

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