Free Codes for SharePoint 2013 Beta MCSD Exams– Limited Quantity.. be fast

Free Codes for SharePoint 2013 Beta MCSD Exams– Limited Quantity.. be fast

Hey guys, over the past months I have covered the news about the MCSD SharePoint 2013 exam. It was all myths until earlier this month when Microsoft finally reveled information about the 71-488, and 71-489. I thought my coverage was over.. but no!

As I said in my last post, the Beta exams are open.. well I got good news for you!  For a LIMITED time and LIMITED quantity, Microsoft is giving the Beta exams for free!

Thanks to Tom Resing for telling them on twitter!

You can now sign up with prometric for exam 71-488 using code MCSD488J 

And for exam 71-489 using code MCSD489J.

They work as of Sunday, 14 April 2013, 6:58 PM. They are Limited Quantity, so I don’t know when they will stop working.. so Be fast!
EDIT(19/04/2013) Looks like all the codes have been used! If you didn’t catch one, make sure you follow me on twitter/FB/Google+ so next time there is something, you will be the first to know!
I will keep posting about those deals because people seem to love them. If you want to make sure you are the first to hear about them, follow me on twitter or like the Facebook page! If the code worked, don’t hesitate to say thanks! 

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hi Vlad,

i cannot see 70-488/70-489 exam in the list at the moment. Any idea why is that so?

They will be marked as 71-488 and 71-489 since they are beta!

Exams are in BETA so they are marked as 71-488 and 71-489

You are right!, I will fix it in the post! Thanks

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Today valid in Poland, thanks

surajit Mukherjee

Hey Vlad,

Thanks a ton for posting the blog. I have registered for the exams in June. Do you have any resources for preparation?


Hi Surajit,

Unfortunately, I don’t yet.. however I am trying to build a study guide with the community! (still under construction, I will add subjects tonight)

Thanks, Vlad. Looking forward to the guide.

thanks, worked for me!

Thanks, worked in Germany 10min ago!

You’re welcome! Glad it worked!

beta is not available for India !!!

:(. Try calling your regional prometric center!

71-488 MCSD488J seems to be used up (at least for Sweden)
71-489 MCSD489J still working

Glad you could get one at least 🙂

Hi Same in the UK.

71-488 unavailable

71-480 Available.

Thanks for the info.

Glad you could get one at least 🙂

71-488 also seems to be used up in the Netherlands.
71-489 is still working.

Glad you could get one at least 🙂

Maximum for both are exceeded in the US

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seems both not work in Canada T.T
thanks Vlad I took the HTML5 exam last month. **Free** XD

Sorry you didn’t get any :(. Next Time !

Happy you were able to get the HTML5 one !

Not working anymore =(

Any codes working in Poland now?


It’s been a while since the post .. the exams aren’t even in beta anymore.


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