Troubleshooting setting up an environment for apps for SharePoint 2013

Troubleshooting setting up an environment for apps for SharePoint 2013

While exploring SharePoint 2013, I decided to configure my SharePoint 2013 environment in order to be able to use apps from the SharePoint store, and also use advanced Service Applications, such as Machine Translation services.

As you know, there is not a lot of documentation on SharePoint 2013 yet, so I decided to post the two errors I encountered during the setup, with their fixes!
I used the Technet Guide  to configure my farm, however I am working on a Step by Step guide with Screen Shots and detailed information to help you get it down on the first try. (Will be out 18 February 2013)

Error 1. 

 Let’s Try this again…
Everything is fine, but we had a small problem getting your license. Please go back to the SharePoint Store to get this app again and you won’t be charged for it.
If ‘Retry’ doesn’t work, return to your site and try again later.

Let’s try this again
This is just an error because you are probably using the Farm Account to buy the Application! (Logged in as System Account)!  Log in as another user and it will work just fine.
For more Info on Service accounts visit this link 

Error 2

Server Error in ‘/’ Application
The resource cannot be found.
Description: HTTP 404. The resource you are looking for (or one of its dependencies) could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL
and make sure that it is spelled correctly.
Requested URL:

This error is a bit more tricky.  The source of the problem is that your apps do not run on the same domain as the SharePoint server.  (ex:  SP Server domain:   App Domain: and IIS is not able to connect the two. The good news is that it’s really easy to fix (by following my tutorial right here )
There is a simple way to fix it, by creating a web application and root site collection without a host header!

Here are the steps:

1.       Go into Central Administration and click Application Management

2.       Go into Manage Web Applications

3.       Click on New, set the Port to 80 and do not enter anything in the Host Header

 The rest is as usual:

 After that, you create a Site Collection using the Team Site

 Now, we have to delete the Default Web Site from IIS!

            Go into IIS Manager as an administrator, and expand your Sites.  Right click on the Default Website, and select Remove
And now it should be fixed!
If you encounter other errors and know the resolutions or need help contact me!

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Hi Vlad,

Do you really need to delete the default website or can you just stop the web application in IIS?

I guess you can leave it there since it’s stopped by default. Try it without deleting, if it works = it’s fine. If no, delete it :).

Tell me if it worked!

Just stopping the default website works. I can now access Store Apps and add them as web parts to pages. Looks like the CNAME Alias was also pointing to the TFS server instead of the SharePoint server -_-

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve been working on this problem for a while and this was the answer. One thing worth mentioning is that you can delete the new Web Application after creating it (at least I did and didn’t see any problems with it).

I was mistaken… I just hadn’t done an IISRESET after the deletion. You have to leave the other web application in place…

Thanks for the update! I am glad I could help you solve it!

I followed the instructions that you have for Creating a new web app and disabling the default iis site. However, now when I open up the app the page is just blank. There are no errors or anything. Also, the app store is telling me that apps are turned off again.

Any “Acces Denied” errors in the Event log for SharePoint or SQL?

My SharePoint site is already on port 80 so I am not able to create another web application with port 80. It says there is already a site on port 80.

is the default Website stopped or deleted?

I have the same issue – my sharepoint site is already on port 80. Were you able to resolve this?

Nevermind… DNS was set up incorrectly.

Hi Vlad

i have already sharepoint on port 80 ,what can i do instead? , i get error that port is alreday used?


You can have more than 1 SharePoint Web Application on port 80. You need one with no host header in order to make sure apps work!

Thansk Vlad
this help me out
New-SPSite http://nohostheaders -OwnerAlias “Contoso\admin” -HostHeaderWebApplication $w -Name “nohostheaders” -Template “STS#0”


I had the problem when I tried to open the app page and it was blank. I have looked at the event log and saw that there is not enough permissions for the SP_ProfilesAppPool account, which is used only for the mysite web application.

Only when I have added to this account sysadmin privileges in SQL server, apps started to work.

Might you have any idea why?

Try only giving it the SPDataAcces role on the ContentDB where the app page is. tell me if it works!

I have resolved it for now, by setting SP_AppPool account for my site. The same account as my other web applications. After I have done it everything worked fine even without sysadmin.

Thanks Vlad. I had modified my “SharePoint – 80” web application that SharePoint had created to a SSL’d host header one. I ended up deleting that. recreating a new “SharePoint – 80” and then a second web app for the SSL’d host header one. What I had to do to get the SharePoint hosted to work is to add an additional binding in IIS for “:443” with no host header for my SharePoint Hosted Apps to work in SSL’d host header one. SharePoint hosted worked fine in first web app.

great documentation on this!
I have gottedn my sharepoint site and apps to work perfecty on my internal networks and domain PCs and even published my site on internet and have all access mappings for primary domain. now when I try to access a link from the internet, it does not take me to the web app domain server but back to the primary domain sharepoint? is there another mapping I am missing here?

Hi vlad,
I have the Problem when im Starting a app. Than i have These error:
App management Service Proxy is Not installed

Have you a Solution? All Services started

Looks like the script didn’t install it! Can you post a screenshot?

I followed all the instructions to a T and I am still unable to access my SharePoint store. I have spent weeks on this and cannot find any reason why I cannot access this. Can you help?

Can you give me some details on the error, logs or stuff like that so I can help?



I tried creating a new web application at port 80 and created a root site collection, it is still not helping me out, it is displaying page cannot be displayed, it was uploaded without issues, when the browser came up, that is where the issue, we have set it up with new zone * pointing to internal domain ( is external), do you know of how to set this up properly. for example, out IT person says that is created, but it cannot point to as it is external and I will not be able to ping, need help or any ideas and suggestions

Thank you

bhashwar bhattarai

Hello Vlad,
I am in serious problem. After deleting the default web application in my production environment, users were not able to open the pages. So to solve the problem i add back end host connection, and disable loop back check in the registry on two of our WFE. Now its working fine. But people are saying that i will be in big trouble someday.
Please Help!!!!!!!

Deleting default web app shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Why do people say you will be in big trouble?

bhashwar bhattarai

Thank You for the Reply Vlad,
After a month now, i went back and deleted the back end host connection and disable loop back check from the registry that i had added in the two wfe’s. My sites are running perfectly fine.
Thank You

Dear Vlad,
thanks a lot for this post.
I also have this issue and I think there something I’m doing bad… In IIS have yet a Sharepoint 80 site this one is mycompany Intranet and so I d’nt delete anything, I have deleted de Default Website. So when I try to create a new Site in port 80 from sharepoint Foudnation wiht no host name , I alway have the same problem: this site is used by Sharepoint, try to change port or the name…
What am I doing wrong???
Thanks in advance

What is the work around when a site is already running on port 80?

“The directory C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\80 is already being used by another IIS Web Site. Choose a different root directory for your new Web application.”

is it a site other than the default website? Is it a SharePoint Site?

It’s not a SharePoint site. It is an IIS site that redirects to the HTTPS SharePoint site.

I have the same issue as Ryan, but in my case, it is a sharepoint site what I have running in port 80 with a host header. It was initially created without a host header, but then I needed to change its default zone with a public url to be able to access it from outside my network. Please let me know if is there any workaround you can think of. It will be greatly appreciated.

I already have default web application on port 80 without Host header after configuring SharePoint with multiple site collections. Also I have two more WebApplication on port 80 with Host Header.

Now I am not able to create web application on port 80 as one web application is already in place. Can I use any other web application and do I have to delete default web site from IIS from all SharePoint Servers.

Please help and can I have step by step guide to configure APP model for SahrePoint Farm.

I already have default web application on port 80 without Host header after configuring SharePoint with multiple site collections. Also I have two more WebApplication on port 80 with Host Header.

Now I am not able to create web application on port 80 without host header as one web application is already in place. Can I use any other port for web application and do I have to delete default web site from IIS from all SharePoint Servers.

Note : When I configured Sharepoint All my services were started including App management Service. Also App Management Service Application were already created.So I have only Configured subscription service application.

Please help and can I have step by step guide to configure APP model for SahrePoint Farm.


I’m facing “Page cannot be displayed” after downloaded the app from SharePoint app Catalogue site. Can you please help me to figure it out?


It’s tough in the comments of the blog. Go on and post a discussion / talk in the live chat!

Hey Vlad. Great post ! Will this work same even for the SSL ? Do we have to create a blank website on port 443 instead of 80?

Yes, for SSL you need to create that blank root Web App on 443! Make sure to also add your Certificate on your binding.

Hi. Your second tip helped me with my issues thank you! However, there is one issue still. When I’m in the app web and using the app. The back link in the top left doesn’t work. If I click on it, it doesn’t take me back to the host web. Instead it keeps me in the app web and shows me a “Sorry, this site hasn’t been shared with you.” message.

Hi, Vlad,
I was caught in error 2 as your post. I setup a testing environment with everything in one machine, it works great.
But I still got the issues on my 2 WFEs work in NLB mode. Do you think there might be some issues with my hardware NLB settings? E.g. do you think I should add the app URL in NLB, too?

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