Step By Step Guide to configure the Managed Metadata Service Application for SharePoint 2013

Step By Step Guide to configure the Managed Metadata Service Application for SharePoint 2013

As you have probably seen lately, I am releasing a lot of step by step guides to configure Service Applications in SharePoint 2013!  The final objective is to have all Step By Step guides for every Service Application in SharePoint 2013 and have a fully featured farm!

This guide is a step by step guide with Screenshots to create and configure a Managed Metadata Service Application in SharePoint 2013 as well as a Content Type Hub. It’s a really easy tutorial that should take maximum 30 minutes to complete!

I embedded the PDF with Scribd, however if you want to download it, there will be a link at the bottom of the post

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If you have any ideas for other Guides or need help with something, leave it in the comments! It might help more people than you think.

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This is a helpful guide. Screenshots are always beneficial when explaining how to do something within SharePoint, especially for those that are new to the platform.

Thanks Sean! I am happy you liked the post!

Hello Vlad,

It was really a very nice post. But i am not able to find the link in your post to download the same.
Kindly provide me the link to download the pdf doc as it is paid in scribd.


Very handy, thanks for putting these guides together. One question, I’m guessing you used New-SPServiceApplicationPool to create the service app pool, were you able to have it show up with its name in IIS Manager, rather than with a GUID?

Service application pools appear in IIS as long random strings of characters. The name you give it in SharePoint is not reflected in IIS Manager.

An IIS Application Pool can have but one unique identifier, it’s Name, for which uniqueness is enforced. It works perfectly. However SharePoint has decided to use GUIDs for this Name. Within Central Administration the Application Pools are displayed using a SharePoint only property – Name, which is actually a Display Name (e.g. SharePoint Web Services Default).

Moreover, the GUIDs used are unique. These aren’t “well known GUIDs” like class ids. They will be different on every installation. It would appear the GUID love from SQL server has found it’s way into IIS thru the back door.


Hi Vlad, couple of suggestions:
* since title is “configure the Managed Metadata Service Application”, suggest you rip out the stuff related to content type hub, or put that at the end. I’ve often had to configure MMS but only occasionally had to config CTH. But lots of people put the CTH stuff up front which I find misleading / confusing.
* add some details about adding the MMS SA to the service application associations for Central Admin if the MMS SA is not included in the default associations. Otherwise you can’t access the MMS from CA

Hello, when i go to the site setting -> site collection features, i can’t find the Content Type Syndication Hub Feature. There is only Custom Site Collection Help, Open Documents in Client Application by Default, Search Server Web parts and Templates, Three-state workflow

Hey, are you sure you are a site collection admin?

That side bar that tracks down the screen is super annoying. I almost hate reading your stories just because of the continual jerky jumping motion. I made sure to block it. Thanks for the article though.

Hey Tom,

I disable the side bar that scrolls with you when yo scroll down the article. :).

Thanks for the feedback!

Hey, great article! can u publish content types from the content type hub to doc libraries in a project web app on the same farm? thx!

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