Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 encountered an error during setup

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 encountered an error during setup

Today I wanted to install a SharePoint 2013 Virtual Machine to try developing some stuff with Visual Studio 2012. Since I didn’t want to develop directly on my big farm, I decided to make a new Virtual Machine with SQL 2012 + SharePoint Server 2013 RTM.

Easy task right? New Virtual Machine, 7GB of Ram, Install Server 2012, Install SQL 2012 + SP1, Install SharePoint prerequisites than start the Server installation.  Five minutes later, I get this error that gave me a lot of information on what’s wrong  (sarcastic). A classic for SharePoint.

Error Message: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 encountered an error during setup

I forgot to take a Screenshot when the error Happened, so I took one from the internet. Even if in the Screenshot it says “Preview” , I had the problem with the RTM version!

The following pop-up also appears:

Did a quick look up on Google, but the only people who had the problem were with SharePoint 2013 Preview, and most of them said the .iso was corrupted. However, I knew my iso was fine, since I installed 4 times already with the same iso.  I re-checked the prerequisites, I restarted the server and nothing.

After a few Google searches I found the answer on something that wasn’t SharePoint related, but I decided to give it a try.

When I created my virtual machine, I left only 1 Virtual processor by default.  I gave the Virtual Machine two Virtual processors, and then it worked like a charm.

Since I didn’t have this problem with my other Servers, I guess this only happens in Stand Alone mode, or when you have a full SQL installed on the same Server.

Even if, the minimum requirements for SharePoint Server 2013 are a 4-core server and its understandable that it might fail , I still think Microsoft Should make the error messages with a lot more details!

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I used 1 processor on my setup and that worked ok. The difference was as you indicated, I used a farm and not a standalone setup + I’m using VirtualBox instead of Hyper-V. I had one issue though during the prerequisites installation, the SQL Server 2008 Native client refused to install because I had already installed SQL Server 2012 and the prereq. setup was obviously looking for a 2008 R2 instance. The solution there was to cancel the setup, then download and install SQL Server Native Client. When I restarted the prereq’s afterwards everything worked well 🙂


Your solution solved the issue I faced very nicely. Thank you very much for sharing the information 🙂

You’re welcome! Glad it helped!

That was great, it worked for me. Thank you.
You made my day

It also doesn’t like 6 cores. I gave the VM 6 cores to work with and also experienced a “crash”. Setting it back to 4 solved the issue. Sloppy programming MS 🙁

Good to know 6 doesn’t work.. I guess 4 is the sweet spot!

Hi Vlad

I think Microsoft should reward people like you for assistance like this one.
if I did not get this information, I would have been stuck at dead end in using this great MS product called SPS2013

thanks a lot

Glad I could help Ash! I love to help the community and when I need help, I always have someone in the community help me out! The SharePoint Community is amazing!


This was helpful for me too. I only had two cores in my VM and then I boosted it to four and the error went away. Thanks for the time savings.


Thank’s! This saved my day 🙂

Just wanted to comment that this was a problem that I was also receiving and your blog was the only mention of this problem that I was able to find. Thanks for the super helpful post! Simple but effective fix to a terrible problem

Hey Jordan,

Really happy you found the blog and was able to go on with the install! Glad I could help!

Saved my bacon whilst I set up my new Macbook Pro with VMs using VMWare Fusion…couldn’t for the life of me work this out! Thanks for blogging this!

Thanks a lot, your post solved my issue and probably saved me several hours of investigation !

Mickael Lundgren

Solution worked =) for SharePoint 2013 with sp1

Saved my day 🙂 Thanks


Awesome. I am using VMware Workstation 10.0.3 and I gave the Sharepoint VM 1 CPU and 2 Cores. Then it worked. Many thanks for your post.

wow I had the same issue, and solved it with your post… thank you!

Thanks. You saved my day, after 3 days of troubleshooting..I saw your blog only today. The error message in the log said I don’t have permission to write to registry and I was chasing behind this error 🙂

Thank you very much for giving us these valuable information

Thanks a lot!

You are a star! I was scratching my head for ages wondering why it wasn’t installing and it has installed fine now.

Big thanks.

Awesome !!! Thanks Sir

Man you just saved me 1000 hours…;-) Worked for me using Oracle VM. Have’nt had other issues installing SP2013 with Sp1 so far…

This did not work for me but moving the VHD off of a solid state drive then applying the registry fix in this article
did work.

This is the first time I ever encountered that error — but encounter it I did! Your solution worked for me. Many thanks!!

Your solution worked in my environment, thx a lot man

You saved me,
Thanks a lot,

that was a great solution
thank you very much

changing it to 4 processors and 8 gig of ram, but problem still persist 🙁

All the Problem was Hyper-V; Migrated to VMware and now everything is fine and I’m hapy

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