Windows Server 2012 – Windows Desktop Search is not available

Windows Server 2012 – Windows Desktop Search is not available


This post is not related to SharePoint, however I did not find it anywhere else so I thought it was good to post it.

I just updated my main laptop to Windows Server 2012 and when I installed Office 2010, I got the Outlook error –  ” Windows Desktop Search is not available”.

In Server 2008R2 you had to activate Windows Search from Server Manager > Roles >  File server.

However, in Server 2012 they put the Windows Search in Server Manager> Features > Windows Search.

You just install the Feature, restart Outlook and it’s fixed.

Say Thanks if it helped 🙂

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Thanks! It helped! I did need a restart of the system before it worked though.


Thanks, had been wondering what happened, never thought to look there

Thanks dude! Googling I found this resource easier than any of MS help pages… Do they even describe this anywhere?

Thanks! I am not even sure there is documentation on it.. I found it out the hard way

Now working good.


Thanks, helped me out here!

I know you said you’re using a laptop with server 2012, but do you also have a desktop with the same OS? If yes, are you having trouble with audio output from front jacks? If yes, and if you fixed it, could you please share the steps with me?


I don’t have a desktop with Windows Server 2012 as OS :(. Did you install the drivers as well as enable the “desktop experience” feature and the audio one?


@Pushkar: I _do_ have a laptop running 2012 server. Most brands don’t technically support 2012 on a laptop, but you can use just about any of the Vista x64 drivers (for the most part). My audio works. Make sure you go to control panel and check the audio. IIRC, by default the audio service is NOT turned on. Clicking audio in control panel will allow you to change that setting. Good luck!

Thanks Dude…
It Worked for Me.

Thank you kindly for this post. It helped and made life a whole lot quicker.

Thanks. it worked for me 🙂 🙂

Thanks, you da man

If you don’t use Windows Search, you can remove windows search from your outlook. Go to Outlook File menu > Options > Add-ins > Manage COM Add-ins GO > UNcheck Microsoft Outlook Social Connector.

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